Cyrus Mistry accident: NHAI installs crash attenuator at the accident spot

The sudden demise of renowned Indian industrialist Cyrus Mistry in a car crash did send shockwaves across the country. A few weeks after the tragic accident causing the death of Cyrus Mistry took place, the National highways Authority of India (NHAI) has taken preventive measures to ensure that such an accident doesn’t happen again at the spot of the accident.

Cyrus Mistry accident: NHAI installs crash attenuator at the accident spot

Recently, NHAI installed a crash attenuator at the spot where the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV in which Mistry was travelling crashed at a very high speed. While a case of negligent driving and overspeeding was registered on the driver of the GLC when this accident took place, the installation of a crash attenuator at the spot of the accident indicates that NHAI has accepted a major design flaw on that highway.

Crash attenuator installed

NHAI installs crash attenuators at the turns of highways, ahead of iron structures placed between the lanes. These crash attenuators reduce the damage to the vehicle by absorbing the energy when it collides head-on with these iron structures, thus managing to save lives and reduce the injuries of people travelling in the car involved in the collision. In addition to this particular attenuator, NHAI is also working on the installation of more such attenuators on the other river bridges along the highway between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Cyrus Mistry accident: NHAI installs crash attenuator at the accident spot

Cyrus Mistry, who has served as the chairman of Tata Group, died in a high-speed accident on September 4 near Charoti Dahanu situated along National Highway no. 8 between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. At the time of the accident, Cyrus was seated in the rear of a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, with one of his friends, Dr Anahita Pandole behind the steering wheel of the SUV.

Cyrus Mistry accident: NHAI installs crash attenuator at the accident spot

Returning from Gujarat

Cyrus Mistry and three of his friends were returning from the Iranshah fire temple in Udvada, Gujarat. They were travelling in the same car after their visit. Cyrus Mistry, who is the former chairman of Tata Motors was travelling with Jehangir Pandole who is the former director of KPMG’s Global Strategy Group, Anahita, who is an ex-independent director of Tata Global Beverages and Darius, Managing Director of JM Financial’s private equity business.

The GLC collided with an iron structure placed on the converging road over a bridge near Charoti Dahanu, which claimed the lives of Cyrus Mistry and another friend who was sitting behind along with him.

Mumbai Police said Mistry was not wearing a seat belt when the accident took place. The investigation of the entire accident was participated by Police, RTO, Mercedes-Benz and a few other agencies, as a result of which it was declared that the vehicle collided due to overspeeding and overtaking from the wrong side. Based on these results, Dr Anahita Pandole, who was driving the SUV at the time of the accident, was booked on the charges of negligence while driving on November 5 at Kasa Police Station.