Dacia Spring EV Unveiled; Could Become Renault Kwid Electric In India: Photos and details

Dacia Spring EV, Renault Kwid electric car in India

This is the car that could become the Renault Kwid electric in India, just like the 2024 Renault Duster based on the Dacia Duster.

Dacia Spring EV Unveiled; Could Become Renault Kwid Electric In India: Photos and details

The 2024 Dacia Spring EV has just been unveiled – it is based on the Renault Kwid electric.

The first thing you will notice is the similarity to the 2024 Dacia / Renault Duster SUV at the front. Overall, the car has a more grown up look that the current Renault Kwid we have in India.

The Dacia Spring is confirmed for a UK launch in 2024. It will be one of UK’s most affordable electric cars for sure. We think we are likely to see an Indian launch only in 2025, though – more or less when the Renault Duster will make its comeback to India.


Dacia Spring EV Unveiled; Could Become Renault Kwid Electric In India: Photos and details

With a starting price expected to be under £20,000, the Dacia Spring is set to become the most affordable electric car in Britain. Its competitive pricing on the continent, starting from €20,800 (£17.8k), hints at an aggressive market entry strategy. In India, expect pricing somewhere around that of the MG Comet and the Tata Tiago EV, both of which will be the Kwid EV’s main rivals in India.

Battery packs

There will be two battery packs available – one will produce 45 bhp, enough for a small car such as this. The other higher variant produces 65 bhp. The smaller battery pack will give the Renault Kwid electric a maximum range of 220 kilometers. The more powerful battery pack will give a higher range, but the figures are not yet known.

The smaller battery pack can be charged at home in 11 hours, or from 20% to 100 % at a fast charger in 45 minutes.

Just like the petrol-engined Kwid, the Dacia Spring / Renault Kwid Electric will also have a length smaller than 4 meters. The dimensions are 3701 millimeters length, 1767 millimeters width, 1519 millimeters height and a wheelbase of of 2423 millimeters.


Dacia Spring EV Unveiled; Could Become Renault Kwid Electric In India: Photos and details

Inside, everything is pretty basic but an improvement on the current Renault Kwid. We get a 7 inch instrument cluster and a 10-inch infotainment system. 308 litres of storage is on offer, and there is additional 35 litres of storage in the front trunk (frunk) as there is no motor there.

Dacia is positioning the Spring EV as a city runabout, with most driving distances below 100 kilometers. But the 220 km range is decent, and the higher range of the bigger battery pack should come close to 300 kilometers – and then, if your route has adequate public chargers, it is possible to drive long distances albeit with quite a bit of planning. But that’s true for all EVs, we suppose. Wireless Android Auto or Apple CarPlay might be too much to ask from a car in this price range, though. The same goes for wireless charging

ADAS for safety

Yes, ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) would also make an appearance in the upcoming Renault Kwid electric. This is an increasingly sought after feature. As the launch approaches, we can expect its rivals also to upgrade their cars with ADAS in the top-end variants.

Will there be an official announcement anytime soon?

Unlikely. The Renault Duster is highly anticipated, and we have not seen any official communication from Renault India so far. We think the brand is closely watching how the EV market is turning out in India. At the moment, sales are dominated by Tata Motors’ various electric cars. If the brand sees potential for decent sales, then the Renault Kwid EV would be a first step for the company into the electric vehicle market in India.