Dad drove a Hindustan Ambassador 50 years ago; kids find it and gift it to him!

There is hardly anyone who does not like a gift. Lately, we have been seeing a trend among children where they gift cars and bikes to their parents. It is not just parents who are receiving gifts. Videos of siblings, spouses, and children getting such gifts are available online. June 18 is celebrated as Father’s Day every year, and one such father from Kerala received a very special gift. His sons gifted him a Hindustan Ambassador which he used to drive around 50 years ago.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. In this video, the reporter introduces viewers to Mr. Achyuthan Nair from Kerala’s Thrissur district. He is currently 84 years old. In 1970, Mr. Achyuthan used to work as a driver at the house of a doctor. The doctor owned an Ambassador sedan, and Achyuthan used to drive the car for him. It was a time when spotting a car on the road was extremely rare, and owning an Ambassador was considered a status symbol.

Mr. Achyuthan drove the car for years, and even his children learned how to drive in this car. The same Ambassador was even used by neighbors for functions too. After some time, the doctor passed away, and his family moved abroad. By this time, his sons Sujith and Ajith were adults and had started their own business. Sujith even thought of buying the car back from the owner. The then owner of the car asked for around Rs 40,000 for the car, but unfortunately, Sujith did not have the amount at that time.

Dad drove a Hindustan Ambassador 50 years ago; kids find it and gift it to him!
Mr. Achyuthan Nair’s Ambassador

Afterward, Mr. Achyuthan and his son both got busy with their own work and slowly forgot about the car. Recently, his father started talking about the same Ambassador sedan, and Sujith and Ajith both started doing their research to track down the vehicle. After a lot of work, they finally found the current owner. They spoke to the current owner of the Ambassador and told him how important the car was for their father. Mr. Achyuthan had no idea about this surprise that was being planned by his sons. After learning the story behind the Ambassador, the current owner of the car happily sold it back to them.

The car was well maintained by its owners. The only difference was the paint job. The report also mentions that the engine on this car was also swapped by one of the owners. The later owners of the car had changed the black color of the car into an aqua teal shade. This went well with the overall retro or classic look of the car. After buying the car, the sons realized that it was Father’s Day and they could easily offer it to their father as a gift on this special day. They started driving the car from Mavelikkara and reached Thrissur before Father’s Day. When Achyuthan Nair saw the car, he could not believe his eyes and definitely got emotional. He was meeting his Ambassador sedan that he had driven 50 years ago. In this video, we can also see Achyuthan Nair and his sons going out for a spin in the Ambassador, which offered them several memories.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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