Dad builds ‘mini’ Royal Enfield Bullet electric bike for son [video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are quite famous in India, and across the world. They have quite a large fan base and are popular among buyers because of their retro looks and highly recognizable thump. Royal Enfield motorcycles are also chosen by many who love to modify bikes. We have seen many modified motorcycles where the donor bike is a Royal Enfield. Here we have a video that shows mini Royal Enfield electric toy bike that is build from scratch by a father for his son in Kerala’s Kollam district. This is basically a toy version of the Bullet 350, and one that looks very similar to the original version.

The video has been uploaded by Mind vision ktr on their youtube channel. The video shows a mini version of a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle which looks very similar to the original version. This Bullet as mentioned above is made from scratch and is completely built at home. The dimensions of the bike are similar to a small kid’s cycle.

The bike gets a proper frame and the whole motorcycle gets a combination of both fibre and metal parts. Unlike the real Bullet, the mini bullet is a toy and is an electric motorcycle. It is powered by an electric motors which gets power from a 12V battery kit. The dad has made sure that the toy looks like an exact replica of the real bike. It has the signature black fuel tank with Royal Enfield logo and pin striping around it. The side panels are all painted black and get stickers. The handlebar looks short and gets both the brakes on them just like in an electric bike or an automatic scooter.

Dad builds ‘mini’ Royal Enfield Bullet electric bike for son

It is evident that the father had spent a lot of time on the bike trying to give it a Royal Enfield and he was successful too. The headlamps, rear view mirrors, mudguard, spoke wheels at the front, chain, headlights, tail lights and the exhaust pipe all give it a look of an original Royal Enfield Bullet. Some time ago, we had featured another parent from Kerala who had build a tiny replica of a Bajaj auto rickshaw for his kids.

Commercial toy makers now offer a range of cars and motorcycles, which are replicas of real cars and bikes. However, there’s very little customization available in such toys. The sheer love and effort that goes into building such a toy for your kid if unparalleled, and priceless Kudos to this dad, who is letting his kid have a wonderful childhood.


Ajeesh Kuttan

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