Dad builds Royal Enfield Electric ‘Mini Bullet’ for son [Video]

Royal Enfield is the oldest two-wheeler brand in the world. In India and in many foreign countries, there are followers of the Royal Enfield motorcycle. In fact, it is a brand that has a cult following and many enthusiasts aspire to own and ride Royal Enfield motorcycles in their lifetime. Well, for many such dreams start early in age and a few lucky ones get to realize the dream in a small age. Here is a video of a handmade Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle that has been made by a father for his son.

The motorcycle is seen in the video by ETV Andhra Pradesh and is located in Kollam, Kerala. The video shows the young rider, who must be between 5-7 years riding around on the mini Royal Enfield Bullet. As per the video, his father made the Bullet at home and worked on it to make it look like as an exact replica of a full-size Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.

The motorcycle seen in the video is made out of fibre and all the parts have been assembled at home. It gets powered by a battery. The battery-operated mini Bullet looks quite good and seems like the scaled-down version of a full-size Royal Enfield Bullet. It even gets a headlamp, single-pod instrument cluster like the Royal Enfield Bullet and other such details. It also gets the Royal Enfield moniker on the fuel tank. The attention-to-detail in this Royal Enfield Mini Bullet is immaculate and it seems like the father rides a Bullet himself. Other details that we could figure out from the video are the suspension, indicators, mirrors and features like leg guard have been installed on the bike.

Dad builds Royal Enfield Electric ‘Mini Bullet’ for son [Video]

It seems like the chassis of the bike has been made by hand too. While there are many small-displacement petrol engine options that can be installed in such bikes easily, the electric powertrain is much simpler and also does not require a transmission to operate. The exact specification of the electric motor or the battery is not known but it is likely to be a very small capacity battery that should be good for around 30mins of usage after charging it completely.

While this is an electric Royal Enfield Bullet, it should be noted that the manufacturer is also working on a full-fledged electric motorcycle that will be launched in the coming years. Currently, the Royal Enfield brand remains the best-selling brand above the 300cc segment in India. The manufacturer is currently working on launching the BS6 version of the products. Royal Enfield is also expected to launch the Himalayan and other motorcycles based on the all-new 650cc-powered Continental GT and the Interceptor.

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