Huge dancing crowd in Kerala instantly parts to make way for ambulance [Video]

Kerala Dancing Crowd Ambulance Featured

The Indian roads have always been known for chaos and vehicles moving in an unorderly fashion. With limited road infrastructure of the cities, the increasing number of vehicles and the lack of discipline by the motorists creates huge jams on the roads. The situation of the roads is such that no emergency vehicle can pass through quickly through the crowded roads. But watch this new video from Kerala that shows a street filled with the crowd celebrating a festival quickly making way for an ambulance.

The video taken from a balcony of the road shows the crowd immersed in dancing with disco lights and loud music on the road. At the front, there is a vehicle clad with disco lights and multiple loudspeakers blaring music. The occasion was Mannarkkad Pooram, which is one of the oldest festivals in Kerala and is held in Palakkad every year.

An ambulance with its siren on and emergency lights switched on appeared in the video and the crowd gave way to the vehicle within a matter of seconds. The perfect coordination between the crowd and the ambulance looks like a staged video of sorts but it really happened in the city and shows how caring the people can be. Even with the deafening music, people could hear the siren from the ambulance and gave timely way to emergency vehicle, which must have saved crucial time for the patient in it.

This is not the first time Kerala is in news for giving way to ambulances. A video from the dashboard camera of an ambulance showed how the motorists in Kerala gave way to the ambulance by stopping on the shoulder of the road on a narrow two-lane road.

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is an offence in India and the culprits can be booked for the same. However, there are regular instances where motorists just try to go ahead of the emergency vehicles on the road which delays the emergency vehicle. Not giving way to such important vehicles can create dangerous situations for the people who are in need of them. While there are strict rules for giving way in the developed countries, in India, most motorists do not even follow the lane-driving rule. However, it is imperative to always be on alert and let emergency vehicles pass through whenever they are in the mirror with their siren and flashers switched on.

It is important to slow down and even stop the vehicle if needed to make way for emergency vehicles. Such vehicles include ambulance, fire engine, highway patrol vehicles and police vehicles. The attitude shown by the crowd in this video is exceptional and admirable. This is how the whole country and world should react to emergency vehicles.

Video Credits: GNPC Facebook group