Dancing girl distracts driver who crashes into motorcycle!

If you’re young, you’ll probably know what twerking is. And for those of you who don’t, twerking essentially refers to a woman dancing to a popular song in a sexually provocative manner. And when someone twerks on a public road with traffic, things can go wrong, very wrong.

What’s happening here?

This just happened in Russia. A woman was twerking on the road, and this apparently distracted the driver of a Hyundai Verna (Called Solaris in that part of the world).

The distracted Verna driver, whose left turn indicator was on, doesn’t notice an oncoming motorcycle. The result of this distraction isn’t very pretty.

The Verna hits the motorcycle, which was travelling at good speed. The biker is slammed onto the pavement. And the twerking woman, who was being filmed by another woman, finally stops. It goes without saying, do NOT twerk on the road. It can prove fatal to somebody. And if you drive or ride, remember to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

The biker escaped with his life, but had a broken pelvis and leg to show for the fall. It could have been much worse. The car driver wasn’t injured, with his vehicle taking the brunt of the impact.