Dancing Mahindra Scorpio SEIZED, owner FINED Rs 41,500 for illegal modifications

Ghaziabad Police have seized a heavily modified Mahindra Scorpio, popularly known as dancing car. The police have also issued a fine of Rs 41,500 to the owner of the car. The vehicle was seized during a regular checking and is currently with the police.

Ran Singh, Station House Officer (SHO) of Tila Mor Police station said that the modified SUV was caught at the check-post near Hindon airport. The cops put up the check-post after receiving a complaint from the locals. As per the complaint, someone modified their vehicle and is doing stunts on the public roads with loud music playing in the car.

The cops acted on the complaint and set-up the check post. They found out that the owner of the Scorpio has modified the vehicle entirely. The suspension of the vehicle was tuned and modified in a way that it made the car jump by using the brake and accelerator in a tricky way. The jumping car with loud music gave the impression of a dancing car.

A couple of years ago, the same Scorpio was seen jumping wildly in front of a watching cop. The owner of the vehicle – identified as Nasum Ahmed is a resident of Delhi. The cops did not say if the vehicle was with the owner or someone else was driving it. The owner provided the modified Mahindra Scorpio to marriages and functions. The charges were between Rs 15,000 to 20,000 depending on the time and location. At the events, the vehicle jumped for the entertainment of the crowd and attract more eyeballs.

The police investigated the documents of the vehicle and found that many of them are missing. There are eight challans against the vehicle. It includes Rs. 10,000 for noise pollution and Rs 5,000 for the lack of proper documents. The cops have not said anything on the other fines imposed on the vehicle by them.

This is not the only “dancing car” in the region. There are many who have modified their vehicles for renting them out to marriages and events. Such modified vehicles also play loud music to entertain the crowd and this is how it becomes more popular and is hired by more people.

Modifications are illegal

Dancing Mahindra Scorpio SEIZED, owner FINED Rs 41,500 for illegal modifications

Supreme Court of India ruling in 2019 says that any kind of modification that requires structural changes is illegal in India. As per the cops, this modified Mahindra Scorpio has violated many rules and laws. The cops across India have become very strict when it comes to the modifications and there are many such vehicles that are seized by the cops. Apart from the structural changes, other modifications like putting extra-large tyres, putting auxiliary lamps, pressure horn, steel bumper for off-roading and even bullbars are banned in India.

As per the court, modifications can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle and make it unsafe. Also, aftermarket bullbars and off-road spec steel bumpers create problems for the pedestrians as these accessories do not conform to the pedestrian safety rules. Also, the function of the airbags is affected by bullbars. There are many challans issued by the police for modifications on similar lines.

The police have not said if the vehicle will be returned to the owner after the fine is paid. In general, owners are asked to remove the modifications from the vehicle and ask them to get it checked from the RTO before releasing the vehicle.

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