Dancing Mahindra Thar video goes viral on internet: Cops seize the SUV

We have mentioned it several times in our articles that performing stunts with vehicles on public roads is absolutely illegal. However, it looks like many people still do it anyways. Recently video of a dancing Mahindra Thar on the road has gone viral on the internet. Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular and recognizsd 4×4 SUVs available on sale in India. It is a popular choice among off-roaders and we have seen several videos of the same online too. After the video went viral, cops have now taken action against the driver and the vehicle.

The video has been circulating on Twitter and various other social media platforms. In this video, we see an older generation Mahindra Thar SUV. The SUV was being used in a wedding procession. The SUV definitely looks modified and the driver is attempting to lift the front-end of the SUV in air while driving it on public road. There are people standing out of the aftermarket sunroof on this SUV. It looks like the owner of the SUV had tuned the suspension of the SUV in such a manner that the front end of the car bounced when the driver played with accelerator and brakes.

Loud music can also be heard in the video that is available online. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad and it is clearly visible that the driver is performing this stunt on public road. We can see a biker coming from the opposite direction stop next to the Thar. The driver continues to perform the stunt and play loud music without caring about the people living in the area and other road users. After the video of this dancing Mahindra Thar went viral on the internet, cops analysed the video and took action the driver and the vehicle.

According to another social media post, the cops have seized the car for reckless driving and loud music. The driver who is said to be the groom’s brother has also been arrested. In the video, we see three young men standing out of the sunroof of the Mahindra Thar. Ravi Prakash, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wave City Police Station, Ghaziabad has said that they will be taking action against the youths who were involved in this stunt.

This is not the first time, we have come across a report like this from Ghaziabad. In 2020, Ghaziabad police had seized a heavily modified Mahindra Scorpio, which was also known as dancing car. The police also issued a fine of Rs 41,500 to the owner of the car for all the modifications and reckless driving. In the case of this Mahindra Thar, it is not clear whether cops have issued any challan for their behaviour on public road.

Performing such stunts on roads can be dangerous. As mentioned above, the driver is making the car bounce or jump by applying brakes and accelerator in a tricky manner. This is quite risky as there are chances that the driver might lose control over the vehicle. This is putting too much pressure on the brakes too. The driver may loose control and simply crash into another vehicle if he is not careful. It is always recommended to not do such stunts at all. If you really want to do it. then please choose a closed or private property to avoid any incidents.