Danger! 5 mistakes that can burn down your car

Want your car to be safe against catching fire? Here are somethings you need to be careful of:

CNG/LPG conversion

Danger! 5 mistakes that can burn down your car

This may come as no surprise to the reader that getting a CNG/LPG system from unauthorised suppliers may cause a fire. The fuel tank and fuel lines need to withstand the chemical properties of the fuel, the pressures and the high temperatures in a long run. Chances are that most of the dealers selling localized ones will not take that into consideration. Ensure that the system you are putting meets all the required certification so you are safe. This may be a little more expensive, but certainly worth it for the peace of mind it gets you.


Danger! 5 mistakes that can burn down your car

Smoking inside your car could cause a fire. Sparks flying could ignite upholstery or even clothing of the passengers while they are in the car. The cigarette lighter (push type) if not installed properly could be a cause a short circuit.

Aftermarket accessories that require wire splicing

Danger! 5 mistakes that can burn down your car

Aftermarket accessories maybe a lot cheaper than the ones offered by the OEM’s, however there is a reason behind that. Every cars electrical systems are designed keeping a particular load in mind. If you increase the load without taking the corrective action, you are in danger of short circuiting the electricals which could be a cause of fire.

This includes high wattage bulbs, speakers, amplifiers, etc. If you do plan to get something done, ensure you take corrective measures to overcome the extra load (relays, etc).

If you splice the wires and they aren’t sealed properly, this can also lead to short circuit.

Don’t store combustible material in the car

Combustible material if kept in a car in the sun could explode, which could cause a fire. Don’t keep deodorants or anything that is pressurized. Don’t keep fuel also inside the car.

For the supercars owners:

Danger! 5 mistakes that can burn down your car

The supercars require additional care, especially in India where temperatures are so high. Not getting it serviced properly and driving rashly in bumper to bumper traffic, could lead to overheating. In the long run, this could cause a car fire. Read more about it here:

Supercars catch fire frequently: We explain why