Dangerous Bike Accessories You Should Not Buy

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When we buy a new bike or dream bike, it is natural for us to be extra careful when it comes to taking care of it. Many of us who have bought a new bike would have actually washed and covered our bikes almost every day. We would have also looked for accessories that we can use on the bikes. Some of these accessories are useful, while others are not. Here we have a set of accessories that you should not buy for your bikes as they are extremely dangerous.

All-Weather Protection Shield

This technology should not go out of india
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The first accessory here is the all-weather protection shield. These shields can be bought online, and several brands sell them. This is actually a metal shield that can be installed on a bike within 5 minutes using a strap and other mounts that are offered with it. While this may look like a great option for the rainy season, there are a couple of things we would like to bring to your attention.

The shield is made of metal. It is a two-piece shield which simply suspends above the rider’s head after installation. The chances of it coming loose or falling off the bike are there. It also makes it difficult to access the keys, and if you want to have a look at the navigation, you have to completely look away from the road as it is too close to you on the tank.

While the manufacturer calls it aerodynamic, we are pretty sure that it is going to affect the overall handling and performance. You cannot ride at high speed with such a shield installed as the shield would start to create drag, as the bike was not designed with it.

Fully Enclosed Motorcycle Canopy

The next accessory is the Fully Enclosed Motorcycle Canopy, which is again available online. We have seen people use such accessories on bike taxis abroad. However, we feel it is highly impractical. These are only meant for scooters and are not suitable for motorcycles as your legs are hugging the tank.

Dangerous Bike Accessories You Should Not Buy
Fully enclosed canopy

In order to install this, you would have to either install brackets or remove the ORVMs and install them in its place. With the kind of traffic that we have in India, the chances of you ripping the plastic cover around the canopy are pretty high. Just like the first shield, this would also create issues for the rider on a windy day.

Raincoat for Bikes and Riders

Dangerous Bike Accessories You Should Not Buy
Bike & rider raincoat

If you want to go out during the rain, wear a regular raincoat and ride. The coat shown here is covering both the bike and the rider. It is highly impractical to wear and get out of this coat. Also, you need help from another person to see if you are covered from all areas. The chances of this rain cover getting stuck in the wheels of your bike or scooter are also high.

Fully Enclosed Motor Scooter Umbrella

Dangerous Bike Accessories You Should Not Buy
Scooter umbrella

Once again, stability is the issue here. As you increase the speed, the scooter umbrella would start moving left and right uncontrollably, and it is not going to be a nice experience for the rider. The chances of this umbrella ripping apart or flying off the scooter and creating inconvenience to other road users are pretty high.