Dangerous motorcycle racing in Surat, India on public roads caught on cam

Seen below is a video that shows some really rashly-ridden motorcycles racing on the University Road in Surat. The video has been put together using various clips of rash riding on this well-paved stretch of road. While incidents of rash driving/riding aren’t uncommon in India, what surprises us is that all the hooliganism is taking place on a main street, with no traffic cop anywhere in sight.

Posted by one Ashwin Chaudhari, this video has been directed at the local Police Commissioner to take note of the situation and act accordingly to curb the menace of rash riding on this stretch of road. The video starts with the question ‘Is Surat SAFE’ and then shows many youngsters riding their motorcycles rashly.

The video goes on to show how many motorcycles are being ridden rashly – doing really high speeds and dangerously cutting their way through the traffic – on a rather busy stretch of road. Moreover, most of the motorcyclists can be seen without a helmet, which is another big reason for concern.

The video also shows a motorcycle that has a couple and their kid onboard. Here, again, the passengers can be seen without a helmet. What puts them at a larger risk is that they have to share the road space with rashly ridden motorcycles, who can collide with them at any given moment.

The video also shows an entire group of bikes that are being ridden very rashly. Moreover, the young riders of this group can be seen hooting loudly, which can distract other road users. The video clip ends with another question – “Are we waiting for a serious road accident to happen?”

Well, it’s really sad to see such a sorry state of affairs on a busy street in Surat. We feel that the local police should not only take action against the miscreants but also make sure that every two-wheeler user has put on an ISI-approved helmet.