Dangerous stunt by old man on public road! [Video]

It’s fairly common to see youngsters practising stunts on their motorcycle on an empty stretch of road. At times, these youngsters even perform stunts on traffic-congested public roads, which is not only really illegal but also dangerous for all road users, including the stuntmen themselves. But here’s a video that shows a motorcyclist performing crazy and totally dangerous stunts on what looks like a fairly busy highway. And it’s not just all that stunting that has caught our attention. The motorcyclist we are talking about is an aged man who seems to be showing off his stunting skills on his rickety old TVS Suzuki Max 100.

The initial few seconds of the video show the old man standing on the foot pegs of his TVS Suzuki Max 100 and showing some dance moves. He even waves at other road users, probably in a bid to catch their attention. Next, the old man decides to sit with both his legs on the left side of the motorcycle. He looks totally relaxed and least bothered about the high speed at which his motorcycle is cruising. This is not all as the old man goes on to lie down on his motorcycle’s seat. Again, he’s least concerned about the speed at which his motorcycle is moving. In the end, the video again shows the old fellow standing on the foot pegs of his motorcycle and waving at other road users.

While we totally agree that performing such stunts requires a lot of skill, we can’t help but frown upon the fact that these stunts are being executed on a public road. On top of it, the old man in the video looks pretty frail and weak. Moreover, he is performing all those stunts without using any kind of safety gear. True, we do appreciate the great control he has over his motorcycle but safety should be of paramount importance. In spite of all that expertise, stunting on a public road is downright stupid and dangerous.

Video courtesy- Scooter love Solanki on Youtube