Man Wrapped In Plastic Film And Hung Out Of Moving Mahindra XUV500 Is Plain Stupid [Video]

man cling wrap moving mahindra xuv500

We have come across several videos on social media where people deliberately do dangerous stunts just to attract attention from viewers and gain popularity. People often end up using cars and bikes to do such stunts. In most cases, cops take necessary actions against such offenders. Here we have a video where a person wrapped in a plastic film is seen hanging on the door of a moving Mahindra XUV500 on a public road.


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The video has been posted by Sumit Dubey on his Instagram page. In this video, we see a black Mahindra XUV500 being driven on a road. We see a person wrapped in a plastic film hanging outside the SUV. The person is enjoying his ride, and we can see his friends doing the same while sitting inside. The video was posted online with a caption that roughly translates to something like “Brother wanted to go while sleeping.”

The plastic is wrapped multiple times on the B-pillar, and the person lying inside the wrap is completely covered, with only his hands and head outside the wrap. This is an extremely dangerous stunt, and you already know why. The video was posted earlier this month, and the content creator has turned off the comment section.

The video has garnered over 97 million views and 2.2 million likes online. It is clear from the video that the social media influencer did this stunt just for the sake of publicity and reach on social media. They were also doing this stunt on a public road, which is again a dangerous thing to do. The person was not only risking his own life but also the lives of other road users.

Man Wrapped In Plastic Film And Hung Out Of Moving Mahindra XUV500 Is Plain Stupid [Video]
stunt on XUV500

The chances of any other vehicle coming too close to the XUV500 without noticing the person outside the car are pretty high. In that case, the man lying in the plastic film can’t move away in time, which would only result in him getting injured. We understand that the car was driven at a low speed and this arrangement was only done for creating viral content; however, it does not take away the risk at all.

The chances of the plastic tearing apart or stretching due to the weight of the person lying on it were high. If that had happened, the social media influencer would have gotten injured. The exact location from where the video was recorded is not known. The registration number of the XUV500 SUV is also not visible in the video.

On the page where the video was posted, the home location of the vlogger is mentioned as Uttar Pradesh. In the past, Uttar Pradesh cops have been very strict against such stunts. They take necessary actions, take the vehicle into custody, and have even issued hefty fines against the offenders.

We are sure that the cops would soon trace the exact location in this case and take necessary actions. The vlogger was not only putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users.

Uttar Pradesh Traffic police have issued fines against social media influencers in the past who were seen sitting on the bonnet of a moving car and doing other stunts. In a recent case from Greater Noida, girls who were seen doing stunts on a moving scooter on the Holi festival were issued a fine of over Rs 80,000 for multiple offenses.