Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

Indian Bentley's fake aftermarket alloy wheels cause accident

We have written about the dangers of using fake aftermarket alloy wheels on CarToq before – here is the latest example of what can go wrong.

In this case, a super luxury Bentley in India was fitted with fake alloy wheels. And predictably, they broke apart while the car was on the move.

Automotive enthusiasts love to customize and enhance the aesthetic appeal of their vehicle. One of the easiest mods way to do this task is to opt for aftermarket alloy wheels. These custom rims not only add a touch of style but are often perceived to offer benefits such as improved performance and durability. However, underneath all the allure of these aftermarket options, there lies a sea of potential dangers. These dangers were highlighted by a recent incident involving a Bentley fitted with fake aftermarket alloy wheels.

Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

The incident was not very well reported; however, it involved a yellow Bentley Continental GT. What we could figure out was that the wheels came apart while the car was on the move on a highway. You can see the sheared off rim in the photos. Thankfully, nothing bad happened and the Bentley did not lose control and crash. Without one of the wheels, it just hit the road and possibly scraped along a little bit.

Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

The owner of this car fitted it with aftermarket replica Audi S8 alloy wheels. Now the original S8 wheels are engineered from high-impact modified polymers for lightweight yet durable performance. These replica counterparts lacked the same quality and reliability. Hence, this catastrophic failure took place where the rim sheared off the hub while the vehicle was in motion.

Dangers of buying cheap aftermarket alloy wheels

Rim Cracks and Structural Integrity

Replica rims often lack the rigorous testing and quality control measures done by genuine manufacturers. As a result, they become prone to cracks and structural failures. This is especially the case when they are subjected to road hazards such as potholes. These defects can compromise the safety of the vehicle and increase the risk of accidents.

Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

Air Leaks and Tire Integrity

Poor manufacturing processes of such aftermarket alloy wheels can also result in defects such as air leaks over time. An underinflated tire not only affects vehicle handling and stability but also increases the likelihood of tire blowouts. This then poses a significant safety risk to the driver and passengers.

Stranded on the Roadside

The uncertainty surrounding the load-bearing capacity of replica rims amplifies the risk of multiple rim failures. This can eventually leave drivers stranded on the roadside. In addition to the inconvenience, being stranded due to cracked rims poses safety concerns, particularly in high-traffic or remote areas.

Warranty and Insurance Implications

Installing aftermarket rims, especially counterfeit ones, can void the vehicle’s warranty and invalidate insurance coverage. Manufacturers design suspension systems with specific rim specifications in mind, and deviations from these standards can result in premature wear and tear, leading to warranty denials and rejected insurance claims in the event of accidents.

Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

Tips to avoid buying replica alloy wheels

When buying a new set of alloy wheels for your car, there are a lot of risks involved. So to mitigate these risks and ensure the safety of your vehicle and its occupants, here are the things that you should consider before making a purchase of new alloy wheels.

Avoid Extremely Cheap Rims

First off, do not go for the cheapest set of alloy wheels. Always be wary of rims sold at unusually low prices, especially from unknown or dubious manufacturers. Generally, these are low-quality rims and will not perform as intended.

Consider OEM Rims

Whenever possible, you should try to opt for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rims. We say this because these OEM alloy wheels undergo rigorous testing, and they also meet all the industry standards for quality and safety.

Prioritize Reputable Brands

Now if you are one of those enthusiasts who want something aftermarket and not OEM, then your wisest course of action is to invest in a well-known and trusted aftermarket brand. Even if they come at a higher cost, they ensure reliability and durability.

Choose Reliable Retailers

Make sure to always purchase from reputable shops with a track record of selling high-quality rims. Online buyers should scrutinize seller reviews before making a purchase, as there are a lot of dubious sellers who can send fake or replica alloy wheels advertised as originals.

Ensure Compatibility

Bentley’s Fake Aftermarket Alloy Wheels Break Apart On Highway Drive!

Last but not least, and probably the most important step, always verify that the new rims match the specifications of the old ones. The checklist should include size and PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter). Once checked before making the purchase, it can prevent compatibility issues and ensure safe vehicle operation.