Child Falls From Scooter Onto The Middle Of The Road [Video]

Child falls on busy road from scooter, dad and mom on scooter

Riding two-wheelers in India is already a very challenging task. However, doing this with a pillion and a kid makes it even more dangerous. Recently, a bone-chilling incident showing the dangers of riding with a kid on a scooter has been shared online. In this short clip, a kid was seen falling into the middle of a busy road from a scooter. Thankfully, the kid was saved due to the alertness of the car driver and his parents.

Please be extra careful while driving or even riding! Please get a dashcam![OC]
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The horrifying video of this kid falling on the road has been shared on Reddit. It starts off with dashcam footage showing a normal road. We can note there was a scooter on the front left side of the car. Also, just ahead of this scooter was an auto-rickshaw.

What happened next?

Soon after this, the short 8-second video clip shows that as the scooter rider was trying to overtake the auto-rickshaw, his very young kid who was standing in front of the rider on the scooter floorboard fell on the road.

Child Falls From Scooter Onto The Middle Of The Road [Video]


Immediately after noticing this, the father of the kid stops the scooter on the road. Thankfully, the car from which this video was recorded had a very alert driver. This particular driver also immediately mashed his brakes and the car stopped in front of the scooter, the kid, and his parents.

We can note in the video that soon after falling on the road, the father grabbed the crying kid from the road and brought him again in front of him on the floorboard. The mother of the kid also jumped off the scooter to help her kid.

Dangers of riding a scooter with kids

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, riding a scooter with children in India has significant dangers due to various factors. Firstly, the lack of safety gear is a major concern. Many riders, particularly in India, neglect to wear helmets or other protective equipment.

Child Falls From Scooter Onto The Middle Of The Road [Video]

This seemingly small thing exposes both the rider and the child to severe head injuries in the event of an accident. Now, although the parents in the above-shown video were wearing helmets, their kid was not wearing this important safety gear.

Now, although it appears that the kid in this video might not have received any serious injuries, we cannot undermine the fact that there’s a high risk of the child falling off the scooter and sustaining injuries.

What can be done to avoid such incidents?

Firstly, it’s crucial to always use proper safety gear, including helmets and protective clothing. This simple precaution significantly reduces the risk of head injuries in case of an accident. However, the main way to avoid such situations is that people should not take their very young kids on a scooter.

Importance of dashcams

Child Falls From Scooter Onto The Middle Of The Road [Video]

Apart from the valuable lesson learned above, there is something even more important to take away from this clip. We suggest each and every car owner install dashcams in their vehicles. This device can help car owners in recording such crucial moments.

The footage from the dashcams can be used to prove who actually was at fault during the course of an accident. Dashcams have become so important that some carmakers are offering them from the factory on their vehicles.