Dashcam captures video of scammer who intentionally jumped in front of moving car

Dashcams are one of the must-have accessories in a car. There are several videos available online that show how a dashcam has helped the driver in case of an accident. Indian roads are extremely unpredictable. There are good stretches of highways in different parts of the country where one can cruise at high speeds but, there is always a possibility that a cattle, dog or even people can jump in front of your vehicle out of nowhere. Dashcams have also saved people from scammers on the road. Here we have one such video where a scammer jumped in front of a moving car.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The video has been shared by one of his subscribers. It is not clear whether the person who was actually in the car shared it or not. The video has been recorded in a dashcam installed in the front windshield of a car. The video does not show which car or exact location where this happened. From the audio that is available to us in the video, it looks like the incident happened somewhere in South India.

In this video, we see a car passing through a narrow road. There is a bike and a bus in front of the car and the car is moving slowly. The speed as recorded in the dash camera is around 31 kmph. When the driver sees a gap, he hits the accelerator and the car starts moving fast. Even then, the speed is under 50 kmph. Just after covering few 100 metres, the driver spots a man waiting on the side of the road running towards the middle of the road. He spots the man on time and applies brake. The man was actually not trying to cross the road but was trying to jump in front of the car to make it look like an accident.

Dashcam captures video of scammer who intentionally jumped in front of moving car

The car had stopped way before the man reached and when he saw the car had stopped, he simply jumped on the bonnet of the car. For people standing outside, many might have thought that this was driver’s fault and they would have easily extorted money as compensation from the driver. In this case however, nothing like that happened. The driver had stopped on time and even the person who jumped in front of the car got down and was standing on the road. When the driver pointed him at the dashcam, he moved away from the road without making any issue.

The video mentions that there is a possibility that the person might have been trying to kill himself and this might have been an unsuccessful suicide attempt however, we beg to differ. It did not look like a failed suicide attempt as the person just conveniently avoided the bus that was going right in front of the car. The person was aiming at the car and was clearly running towards the same. If the driver did not have a dash came, he might have created a scene by calling locals and asked for compensation. Such incidents have happened in several parts of the country before and this is why it is recommended to have a dash cam in the car.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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