Video shows why Dashcams are so important on Indian roads

Driving or riding on Indian roads can be at times risky. There are good stretch of highways in different parts of the country  where one can cruise at high speeds but, there is always a possibility that a cattle, dog or even people can jump in front of your vehicle out of nowhere. Careless drivers are another threat that many of us face on road daily. Such careless drivers often create accidents and installing an equipment like dash cam can actually save your day. Here we have a video that shows why installing a dash camera in your car is actually important especially for Indian roads.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on their YouTube channel. The video shows how a careless motorcycle rider rear-ends a Ford Freestyle and the whole incident got recorded in the dashcam on the rear windshield of the car.

In the video, a motorcycle rider can be seen behind the Ford Freestyle. The car is maintaining a speed of 32 kmph as per the footage. The biker is riding without safety helmet and looks like a local. After covering some distance, the biker looks around and slowly takes out his mobile phone from his pocket.

He then starts looking at the smart phone screening while looking at the road in front of him at equal intervals. Soon the motorcycle rider got more involved in watching his phone and the intervals at which he was watching the road decreased. In few seconds he completely ignored the road and other vehicles in front of him. During this time, the Ford Freestyle driver had to slow down for some reason and the car came to a complete stop.

Video shows why Dashcams are so important on Indian roads

Motorcycle rider was now looking at his mobile phone was completely unaware of this fact and just meters before the car, he looked on the road and trying slowing down. By the time he looked on the road, it was already too late and despite his efforts the motorcycle hit the Ford Freestyle. Biker lost his control but, luckily nothing major happened to him.

As soon as he recovered from the shock he biker turned off the motorcycle and started looking for damage. The video shares that neither the biker or the car suffered from any injury. If the dash camera was not placed in the car, it would have been possible that the biker might come up with a claim that it was car driver’s fault.

In case the biker had got some serious injury due to accident, the car driver can present this dash camera footage as evidence showing that it was actually not his fault. Installing a dash camera is quite important. In western countries most car have a dash camera installed in them so that they can claim insurance or show evidence to cops in case of an accident or a crime.

In India, these devices are yet to become popular. It is a one-time investment that can save the driver from several tricky situations. There are several brand in India that are offering dash camera for cars at an affordable price.