Dashcam saves driver from Rs 5,000 challan

Dashboard cameras are becoming quite important in today’s world where crime rates are going up but they are useful quite much in general too. Here is a video that shows a man getting saved from getting a huge challan of Rs 5,000. Here is what happened.

The video shared by Ridiculously Amazing on his YouTube channel shows his car on a major arterial road of Delhi. There is a lot of traffic on the road and the dashcam footage shows that he is inching forward with the other vehicles on the road. However, as soon as he crosses the green traffic light, a Toyota Innova driver on the extreme left lane decides that he has to take the right turn. He uses the turn indicator and cuts through the traffic to take the turn. The manoeuvre of the Innova causes a delay on the road and in the meantime, the signal turned to red.

Since the person inside the vehicle had crossed the zebra crossing line and was stranded at the junction, vehicles from the other side got the green signal and started moving. To give way to the other vehicles, he decided to go ahead and clear the way. That’s when the cops waiting on the side came and waved at him to stop. The driver took the vehicle to the side of the road and started talking to the cops. The cops accused him of jumping the signal and were not listening to the driver at all.

Dashboard camera saved the day

Dashcam saves driver from Rs 5,000 challan

The driver, who had the front and rear dashboard camera installed in his vehicle asked the cops to verify the footage. He told them that he did not even cross the signal when it was yellow, he did it when it was green and he is not at fault. The cops saw the dashcam footage and agreed to his claim and then let him go from the spot.

In the national capital Delhi, the fine for jumping a red signal is Rs 5,000 or 1-year jail or both. The new rules with increased fines were implemented to bring down the number of traffic rule violators on the roads sometime ago. In many cases, the fines are automatically sent to the home address after the cops or the CCTV cameras capture the violation. That did not happen in this case, which is why the person got saved. Else, challenging a traffic violation takes a lot of time and is a complicated process.

The dashboard is very useful in various cases. It can be used to record accidents and crimes on public roads. The footage provides important and very crucial evidence when accidents happen and it eases the process of insurance claims. Many high-end cameras can also detect motion and capture the footage ensuring that it records if anyone tries to temper the vehicle. In all, dashboard cameras are a great investment and everyone should get one for their own safety and to avoid such situations.