Dashcam video captures fake entry tax scam on National Highway

Condition of Indian roads and National Highways have improved a lot over the last decade. With this, number of scams that one encounters on road while travelling have also increased. We have heard stories and news reports about theft, burglary and extortion done from passengers travelling in outstation vehicle. Most of the time, these incidents are reported after the driver or the occupants have fell prey to such scams. Here we have a video where a Mahindra TUV300 driver captures a fake entry tax scam group on National Highway in Bihar.

The video has been uploaded by Dip G on his YouTube channel. According to the Mahindra TUV300 owner who was driving the incident happened like this. On March 31, 2022, the TUV300 owner was driving his SUV on East-West Corridor of National Highway 27. As they were passing through a place called Manigachhi in Bihar, they were stopped by a few people wearing high visibility vests.

After the driver stopped the car, the people wearing the vest came to the car and started asking for Rs 600 as an entry tax for Bihar. They demanded the Rs 600 as an entry tax for two months. The people who stopped the car claimed to be traffic police officers but were not wearing uniforms. The driver argued with so called police officers over the entry tax. He mentioned that he is travelling on a National Highway and he is paying toll tax for the same. The guys asked did not listen any of this and still demanded the amount.

Dashcam video captures fake entry tax scam on National Highway

The driver then asked them to present their official ID and also demanded for a proper receipt issued by the government. The so called police showed them some kind of ID and also a receipt was shown to him. The driver was still not convinced that the people who stopped him were actually cops. As seen in the video, this incident was happening in broad daylight. The people wearing high visibility vest then started negotiating and started asking for Rs 400. The driver said he will not be paying and when he tried to take a picture of the ID card, they let him go.

As he started moving forward, another person who was standing behind a truck that was stopped for the same reason tried stopping the car but, the others who had stopped him before gave him instructions to let the vehicle go. When the driver stopped the car, they pasted a sticker on the cars windshield before demanding the money. This is not the first time something like this has been reported on National Highways. The group had also stopped trucks carrying goods through the same road. It looks like, they were targeting outstation vehicles. The driver had a dashcam installed on his car which recorded the whole incident. He stood against the scam and once they realised that they are going to be in trouble they asked the driver to leave. Commercial vehicles have to pay taxes while they enter a different state but, so there is no such tax applicable for private vehicles. Always be careful about such scam on the road while travelling.

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