Datsun Go Cross most likely coming next year

Datsun showcased the Go Cross concept at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo. Though the company was initially planning to launch the vehicle in 2018, media reports are now claiming that the launch has been brought forward and will take place sometime late next year. The main reason behind this is the great positive response the concept got at the Auto Expo. This has prompted the company to speed up work on the Go Cross project so that it can make it into production next year itself.

Datsun Go-Cross Compact SUV Concept 11

We expect the Go Cross to look a lot like the concept that was showcased at the Expo. Yes, the LEDs will not come through, but the overall profile and looks we expect to remain the same. Datsun is planning to provide a more luxurious and comfortable interior on the Go Cross. Currently neither the Go or Go+ have a proper stereo, they have a mobile dock which can be used to play music through the phone. This is something that customers didn’t really like and is something that they have corrected on the redi-GO. Since the Go Cross will be their most premium offering, it will get an all new dashboard as well. Unlike the Go+, the Go Cross was only shown as a 5 seat concept which most likely means, even in production form it will remain a 5 seater.

Datsun Go-Cross Compact SUV Concept 4

It is expected to come with both a petrol and diesel engine. The 1.2 liter petrol is expected to be the one that does duty on the Micra and the 1.5 liter diesel unit is the same one that is shared with the rest of the brand’s portfolio.

Datsun Go-Cross Compact SUV Concept 3

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