Datsun Go+ sub-4 meter MPV: All you need to know

Datsun Go+ sub-4 meter MPV: All you need to know

Datsun Go+ MPV will take on the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the upcoming Honda Mobilio.

What is it?

The Datsun Go+ MPV is a sub-4 meter car that is an extended, 7 seat version of the 5 seat, Datsun Go hatchback. The Go+ MPV was first unveiled at this year’s Indonesian International Motor Show and the MPV is likely to be showcased in India during next year’s Indian Auto Expo. Technical specifications and an official brochure of the Datsun Go+ has now been released. The brochure throws up interesting details about the compact MPV, a first of its kind in the Indian car market. Also see: Datsun Go hatch unveiled!

What’s interesting about the Datsun Go+?

Datsun Go+ sub-4 meter MPV: All you need to know

First of all, the sub-4 meter length of the Datsun Go+ makes it the shortest MPV in India (discounting vans such as the Maruti Omni and Eeco) that plays host to 7 seats. With a length of 3,995 mm, width of 1,635 mm, height of 1,485 mm tall and a wheelbase of 2,450 mm, the Datsun Go+’s footprint is very compact. The MPV runs on 13 inch wheels.

The sub-4 meter length is also expected to allow Nissan to price  the Go+ very attractively, considering the excise duty sops the automaker will receive from the Indian government. The MPV weighs just 794 kilograms, a factor that could prove to be quite telling when it comes to the Go+’s fuel efficiency.  Also read: Datsun Go+ MPV unveiled

(Sub-4 meter cars in India, which come with petrol engines with capacities lower than 1.2 liters and diesel engines with capacities lower than 1.5 liters are eligible for a lower excise duty)

What will it feature under the hood?

The Datsun Go+ will be powered by a detuned version of the HR12DE, triple cylinder petrol engine, the likes of which are used on the Micra Active and Micra Facelift hatchbacks. This motor will output 68 PS-104 Nm on the Go+, and could deliver a fuel efficiency of over 20 Kmpl.

Torque transmission to the front wheels of the MPV will be by means of a 5 speed manual gearbox. While an automatic gearbox option is being pondered over for the Indonesia-spec models of the Go and Go+, such an option might not be offered to the highly cost and fuel efficiency sensitive entry-level car buyers of India.

A diesel engine hasn’t been announced for the Datsun Go and Go+ models, with the refrain being that the 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel motor is “too big” to be shoehorned into the Go/Go+’s engine bays. So, a diesel motor remains unlikely for the Datsun Go+ MPV.

When will I be able to buy it and for how much?

Datsun’s solitary launch for 2014 is likely to be the Go hatchback. In that light, the Go+ MPV could be launched only in early 2015. So, a first quarter-2015 launch is what is likely for the GO+ MPV. The Datsun Go+ MPV shares most of its parts with the Go hatchback and this includes the engine, gearbox, dashboard and interiors.

This parts and platform sharing strategy is likely to give Nissan enough leeway to price the Datsun Go+ very competitively, perhaps perhaps even in the close vicinity of 4 lakh rupees. In a nutshell, the Datsun Go+ has all the trappings of becoming the least priced MPV in the Indian car market, one that appeals to people who want to transport 7 adults in a compact, frugal package.

Datsun Go+ sub-4 meter MPV: All you need to know