Datsun Go – Three challenges that Nissan India needs to overcome

Nissan India has got two important aspects right in the Indian car market with Brand Datsun. 2. It has managed to create a low cost car that packs in plenty of space, equipment and a value for money price tag. 2. It has set sight squarely on the entry level car space in India, a segment that contributes to the biggest volumes. However, there are many challenges that Nissan India and the Datsun Go hatchback will have to overcome before the car can live up to its promise of being a hot seller for the Japanese car brand.

Datsun Go – Three challenges that Nissan India needs to overcome

Pan India Reach 

Nissan has 125 dealerships across India. Compare this with Hyundai’s 600+ dealerships across the country or with Maruti Suzuki’s 1000+ dealerships. Pan-India reach is major factor in the big volume, small car segment. If Nissan wants to take the competition to the doors of Maruti and Hyundai, it needs to expand its dealership reach quickly and enter rural and semi-urban markers. So far, Nissan has been mainly an urban market player in India while Maruti and Hyundai have strong networks in semi-urban and rural parts of the country.

After Sales Service

After sales service has been a concern for Nissan. With Hover Automotive now out of the picture with regard to sales, distribution and after sales, Nissan is expected to quickly set things right in these areas, where the company has been found lacking. Strong after sales service and affordability are two major criteria that entry level car buyers look at before driving home their first cars. As the Datsun Go is aimed at a big chunk of first time car buyers, Nissan has its task cut out. On how and how quickly Nissan will improve the after sales network will have a big bearing on how the Datsun Go’s sales pan out in the coming months.

Brand Recognition

Datsun is virtually an unknown name in India although Nissan has been around for nearly a decade now. Though Nissan will sell Datsun cars through its existing range of Nissan dealerships, branding is a key area that the car maker needs to focus to start conversations around Datsun cars. The car maker has been conducting road shows promoting the Dastun Go. More such efforts across the country would be required to make a larger imprint of Brand Datsun in car buyers’ minds. Perhaps, Datsun can borrow a leaf from Ford India, when it comes to making an impact around a new car launch. The Ford EcoSport occupied mindspace even before it occupied garage space.