Datsun redi-GO AMT long-term drive: 2nd Report

The Datsun redi-GO AMT has been a part of our long-term fleet for over three weeks now. This entry-level Datsun has proven itself as a fairly pleasant companion during the 800-odd kms it has so far spent with us. Of course, the highlight of our redi-GO is its Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). However, as we found out, during the last few weeks the li’l Datsun has stayed with us, this car has more to it than just offering a highly practical transmission. In this rather short span of time, the budget-end hatchback from Nissan-Datsun has managed to establish itself pretty well in our long-term fleet.

  • Model: Datsun redi-GO 1.0 S
  • Odo at arrival: 525 kms
  • Current Odo: 1378 kms
  • Colour: Ruby
  • Date of arrival: 5th June 2018

Like we said in our last report, the 1.0-litre, 67 hp, three-cylinder engine that powers this car isn’t the peppiest of the low-displacement units around. However, the redi-GO 1.0 never feels underpowered, and can keep up with most of the fast-moving traffic on our city streets. In fact, during a short highway stint, this car even managed to hit a speedo indicated 145 kmph, with the aircon running on full blast! The only minor grouse we have is with the somewhat slow gearshifts from the AMT. For most purposes, however, the AMT works like a charm and offers you the benefit of automatic, clutch-less shifting in the stop-go traffic. Another big plus point is the small dimensions, which help you cut through the traffic and squeeze into the narrowest of the gaps.

While the redi-GO is small on the outside, it’s fairly spacious on the inside. The tallboy architecture leads to plenty of headroom for the occupants and there’s enough space for four full-grown adults to travel in reasonable comfort. There’s adequate legroom, both at the front and at the rear. The boot space, at 222 litres, is fairly spacious and can easily accommodate a large suitcase along with some smaller ones.

Our redi-GO AMT is in the top-end trim. Hence, it comes with many features, including front two power windows, remote central locking, single-din audio unit that offers Bluetooth, USB, AUX-in connectivity and a driver’s side airbag. However, one must understand that the redi-GO is an entry-level hatchback and some cost-cutting is involved to keep the selling price under check. For example, there’s no ABS, even as an option. Also, there’s no rear parcel tray or power windows for the rear passengers. Further, with the AC always running at the max, the fuel efficiency has dropped to roughly 13 kmpl.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that the redi-GO’s aircon is potent enough to beat the infamous Delhi heat. The AC is highly effective, and at full blast, can quickly cool the entire cabin. Some minor niggles apart, the redi-GO has proved itself to be a decent low-cost urban runabout and we look forward to spending another week with this funky li’l entry-level hatchback before it goes back to the manufacturer.