Datsun teases images of first hatchback for India

Datsun will be unveiling its first comeback model, and its first model in India, on July 15. It has released a few sketches of what the first model, a hatchback, will look like. This model will herald Datsun’s resurrection in the world, and the company’s website has also gone live now.

The Japanese company, which is a sub brand of Nissan, and its third global brand, will start selling cars in India, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa from next year. The first car will be unveiled in India. These cars are said to be highly cost competitive and will target the volume segment of buyers at the entry level mainly. They will depend on a high degree of localization in each market and will have specific models as well for each of the countries they are sold in.

The company has plans to launch five vehicles in India including another hatchback, a compact car, a compact SUV and a sedan. Also read: Datsun to enter India with 5 cars

Radical styling

It was initially speculated that the Datsun hatchback would be based on an older Nissan Micra platform. But going by the official sketches that the company has released, it looks like the designers and engineers have put a lot of effort into bringing out a sporty, good-looking car that will appeal to a large chunk of entry-segment buyers. It seems like a spacious enough four-door. The car will be positioned below the Nissan Micra, which means it would likely be in Maruti Alto K10 – Maruti Wagon-R territory. Also read: New car brands and what’s happening to them

The car has a large grille with the Datsun logo taking pride of place in the centre. The headlamps are swept back and do look inspired from some of the Nissan Micra / Renault Pulse design themes. There are plenty of cuts and curves built into the bumper and fenders, but it remains to be seen how many of these actually make it into production. In fact, there’s even a passing resemblance to the Honda Brio.

All details about this car will be available on July 15, and the official launch is likely in early 2014. Also read: Nissan to revive Datsun brand in India.

Datsun trivia

  • Datsun was started in Japan in 1914
  • Datsun’s first name was DAT-Go (the DAT car)
  • The word “DAT” means lightning fast in Japanese
  • DAT actually refers to the three financiers who supported the company in 1914: Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi
  • Datsun used that acronym to promote its cars as “Durable, Attractive and Trustworthy”
  • In 1933, Nissan’s founder Yoshisuke Aikawa took over the business to provide “mobility for all”

In early 1930s, a people’s car was named “Datson”, meaning son of DAT, but was later changed to Datsun