Daughter fulfills her father’s last wish by buying a Renault Kwid hatchback

India is a developing country, and buying a car is still a dream for many middle-class families. We have come across several stories in the past where people have saved for years just to buy their first or dream car. Buying a car is still a luxury, and here we have a story of a young daughter who bought a car to fulfill her father’s wish. Sadly, her father was not there to see it when she bought the car.

This is the story of Asha Das, and she recently shared the story of her first car on Twitter. Many would find the story quite emotional. Asha posted a picture of her new ride on Twitter and wrote, “My dad, who worked tirelessly as an engineer at Maruti Suzuki, never bought a car in his 30 years of working. Every time his colleagues would tease him and tell him to buy a car, his response would be ‘one day my daughters will buy and take me around.’ I wish he was still around so I could take him for a drive. I’m sorry I didn’t buy a Maruti :(”

In this post that has now gone viral on the internet, we see how sure her father was about her, and we are pretty sure Asha’s dad would have been really proud of her achievement. She can also be seen apologizing in the post that she did not buy a Maruti. This indicates that her father might have opted for a Maruti car if he was alive. Maruti Suzuki is India’s biggest car manufacturer, and it does not come as a surprise that the majority of people’s first choice is always a Maruti. Moreover, her father was associated with the brand, and that would have also affected the buying decision if he was alive.

Daughter fulfills her father’s last wish by buying a Renault Kwid hatchback
Renault Kwid that Asha bought

It is quite sad that Asha’s father is not alive to see his daughter buy a car. The Twitter post did become viral on the internet, and it has already garnered over 3,700 likes and over 100 retweets. Netizens who came across the post can be seen congratulating Asha for her new ride, and many of them even mentioned that she has made her dad proud, and he’ll be beaming with pride at the moment.

We have seen people buy cars and bikes as gifts for their loved ones, and many of these incidents have been featured on our website too. However, this is entirely different from all of them. Asha bought a Renault Kwid hatchback. It looks like she bought a used car instead of a brand new one. The Kwid Climber seen here in the video is a much more rugged-looking version of the regular hatchback. Renault recently discontinued the 800cc version Kwid from the market due to BS6 phase 2 emission norms. It is now available with a 1.0-liter engine only. The hatchback is available with 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMT gearbox options.

Asha also replied to one of the persons under her post that she is planning to buy a new electric car in the future. Like many, she also hopes that Maruti Suzuki comes up with an electric car in the market soon. Maruti is currently working on an electric vehicle, and the brand plans to launch six EVs in the market by 2030.

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