Dawood Ibrahim’s car to be burnt today

The Hindu Mahasabha, led by Swami Chakrapani, will perform the “last rites” of Dawood Ibrahim’s Hyundai Accent. The organization has decided to burn down the Accent at Ghaziabad today. The decision on burning the car was taken after Swami Chakrapani decided to not use the Accent as an ambulance. The Swami allegedly was threatened against using this car as an ambulance by Dawood gang members. In defiance, the Swami has decided to instead burn down the car at Ghaziabad, is what is said to be a “reply in Dawood’s own language”.

Dawood Ibrahim’s car to be burnt today

The Hyundai Accent, bearing the registration number MH04-AX3676, was auctioned a couple of weeks ago. The Hindu Mahasabha leader bid for the car, and secured it for 32,000 rupees. The original plan was to refurbish the badly dilapidated car and put it to use as an ambulance. That’s changed since. The car was recently transported from Mumbai to Delhi, and it now rests in Ghaziabad, where it will soon be burnt down. Meanwhile, here’s what the Swami has had to say about the symbolic burning down,

Our organisation has decided to burn the car publicly at Indirapuram in Ghaziabad between 1 and 2 PM. Burning the car would be symbolic of conducting the last rites of the terrorism that Dawood and his henchmen spread in the country, especially in Mumbai. Earlier I wanted to convert the car into an ambulance, but when D-company’s (Dawood gang’s) henchmen threatened me to be ready to face the consequences, I decided to reply to him in his own language. I am going to torch it in full public view. 

So there, that’s the fate of the car of India’s most wanted gangster. Meanwhile, the Accent is no longer sold in India, with Hyundai discontinuing the car a year ago. Also see – Hindu Mahasabha Swami buys Dawood’s car

Via HindustanTimes