DC Avanti crashes while doing high-speed stunts during Independence Day rally [Video]

The celebrations for Independence Day have evolved significantly over the years. In recent times, we have witnessed car convoys displaying massive Indian flags while driving recklessly on public roads as part of the festivities. As the roads on Independence Day are relatively less congested than usual, some individuals engage in risky maneuvers. An incident in the Delhi-NCR region, captured on a mobile phone, exemplifies this behavior.

The video depicts several vehicles speeding in a convoy along the roads, including the DC Avanti, recognized as India’s inaugural indigenous sports car. Other cars in the procession encompass a Kia Sonet, Mahindra Thar, Maruti Suzuki Swift, and more.

Within the footage, the DC Avanti is observed zigzagging on the road, ultimately colliding with a divider at high speed, leading to a loss of control. The vehicle veers into the path of the Kia Sonet, resulting in a collision. The impact causes both vehicles to collide with the side guard railings.

Fortunately, no injuries were sustained in this accident, and all occupants emerged unharmed. However, the cars themselves incurred substantial damage.

DC Avanti crashes while doing high-speed stunts during Independence Day rally [Video]

Performing stunts on the roads

Engaging in any form of stunts on public roads constitutes a legal offense, potentially resulting in imprisonment and substantial fines. Such actions can lead to serious consequences for various reasons. Individuals seeking to practice or record stunts should confine these activities to private properties like race tracks or designated areas, such as farmhouses. It is crucial to recognize the inherent peril of such stunts.

The video featuring the convoy captures young individuals seated on the bonnet and hanging out of the moving vehicle as it speeds through traffic. These youngsters are seen taking photographs and conversing while the vehicle remains in motion. Notably, they are not equipped with any safety gear or protective attire. The potential risks associated with these stunts are profound. Consider the scenario of sliding off the bonnet while the vehicle is in motion—a circumstance that could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Across numerous metropolises, an extensive network of CCTV cameras helps in capturing such incidents and they are monitored by dedicated police personnel. This surveillance system aids in the identification of traffic infractions through the monitoring of vehicle registration details, leading to the issuance of appropriate fines. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that online fines may occasionally be erroneous due to faulty license plates. Should such situations arise, individuals maintain the option to contest these inaccuracies via the traffic police’s redressal portal.

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