DC Design Fortuner is the most luxurious one that you will see [Video]

DC Design is one of the most renowned names when it comes to modified cars and lounge transformation. Mahindra even offers officially offers the DC2 design Marazzo lounge officially in the market too. DC has worked on a lot of cars to transform them into lounges and this one based on the latest Toyota Fortuner looks like that most luxurious example of the Fortuner that you will ever get to see.

The video shows that there are no changes done to the exterior of the SUV. However, the cabin has been completely updated and it looks different from the stock. The rear seats have been removed completely and new electrically adjustable lounge seats have been installed in the SUV. Only two seats are there now. The rear passengers also get access to the individual screens mounted on the back of the seats. The DC Design will also install an optional iPad in the rear. The individual screens are of 10-inches and it is a product of DC.

This lounge Toyota Fortuner gets a host of features and most of the features are controlled through a touch-enabled remote. The occupants in the rear seats can simply sit and use the remote to control the ambient light, brightness of the cabin or the seat reclining angle. The rear seats are completely recline-able and the passengers can use the remote to fine-tune the adjustment according to their requirement. The seats look extremely comfortable too with diamond-stitched leather cover. The seats also have electrically controlled though and calf support. These supports retract when not in use to offer maximum cabin space.

The rear passengers also get an electrically-powered folding table that can be folded using a button and can be used as an eating tray or a workstation.  There are reading lights that have been installed right next to the seats. Apart from that, this Fortuner gets lighting on the ceiling and it ensures soft lighting inside the cabin. That’s not all. The rear passengers also get access to a small chiller that can be used to keep the drinks at optimum temperature and enjoy them during the long journeys.

The exact price of this modification job is not known but it can be several lakhs depending on the level of customisation. However, you can choose lesser options and get the package for a lower amount. Most of the parts installed by DC are covered under warranty too. You can directly contact DC Design for more information and details by clicking here.