DC Design new Mahindra Scorpio custom looks wild!

The image that comes to your mind when you want a beasty looking big SUV is quite similar to the Mahindra Scorpio. It doesn’t look as bulky as the Mahindra XUV not small like the new-age mini SUVs, and like many of our fellow SUV lovers, some would agree when we say it’s just perfect. When it was first launched in 2002, no one anticipated that it will carve out a niche market of its own and that Mahindra Scorpio buyers, will not just be any car buyer, he will be a true Scorpio enthusiast, loving it for everything it has and doesn’t have to offer. Further to that surprise, the car is still a hit amongst all ages, it has its own true followers, almost like a cult. Whether you want to use it on city roads, or for the most difficult off-roading paths, the quality of performance, never diminishes, thanks to the 4×4 capability with a low ratio gearbox.

DC Design new Mahindra Scorpio custom looks wild!

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Taking your focus more towards whats on the outside, it symbolizes a classy strength, not too proud yet highly intimidating. It also does well under different kind of modifications, and DC designs have done pure justice to this car.

DC designs are known for their attention to the smallest of details, to make the car a little better looking and yet making it distinct enough from other modified models of the car. Let’s look at the larger details first though. The black matte paint job can appeal to any and all buyers of SUVs. Cars anyway look better in black, that’s why most of the powerful people in the world also drive around in black cars. The matte finish just makes it look more premium like we said, it’s all in the little details. 

DC Design new Mahindra Scorpio custom looks wild!

The DC North East have surely done a superb job with the front of the car and have proudly displayed the DC logo on it, minimal yet prominent. The iconic seven slates on the Mahindra front grill has been tastefully replaced by a horizontal stripe in the middle and mesh in the background. Almost unapologetically, again taking you to the smallest detail of putting a LED light strip on the grill bar of the car.

You know, sometimes no matter low lean they are, you want them to beef it up just a tad bit to make a statement, DC has catered to that as well, by changing the bumper completely. Without making any change in the headlamp units, the bumper has gone muscular in looks along with brand new roof rails, complimenting them with LED lights as well.

Coming to the back of the car, there are no changes at all. The redesigned bumper matches the one in the front. The chrome parts of the original Scorpio design has been replaced completely by black bits.

DC Design new Mahindra Scorpio custom looks wild!

DC North East has made minimal to no changes to the interior of the car. Mahindra is working on a facelift, next-generation Scorpio which is likely to be launched soon. It will be offered in both diesel and petrol variants, however, it’s expected to be much more expensive than the current model.

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