DC Design’s latest Mahindra Scorpio custom looks WILD

Remember the early Scorpio advertisements on television? Yes, the mid-size SUV from Mahindra has always been projected as a muscular vehicle. Mahindra Scorpio has always been a bulky-looking, something that attract the people who love raw looking vehicles. When it was first launched back in 2002, Mahindra Scorpio became and instant hit and over the years, the Scorpio has become a synonym for SUVs in the Indian market. Over the years, there have been a few modified Mahindra Scorpio SUVs in the Indian market. Here is one that looks like a true beast in black.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 1

This Mahindra Scorpio has been modified by DC2, who were earlier known as DC Designs. The modification job keeps the DNA of the Mahindra Scorpio alive, while adding a more brutish look to the vehicle. It gets a different grille, that comes with a cross design. There is a LED light bar installed right below the grille. The headlamp units are stock but the bumper is now updated and looks completely different. The muscular looking bumper adds an intimidating feel to the SUV. It is not known if the bumper is made out of FRP or solid steel.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 3

The bonnet has been redesigned too. It now gets a massive hood scoop that adds muscles to the face. However, it is no a functional scoop. Such scoops are added to ensure that more air can be fed to the engine so this acts like an air inlet for the intake system. However, no modifications have been done to this engine to require any such modifications.

The profile of the Scorpio remains unchanged apart from semi-roof rails and new alloy wheels. There are auxiliary lamps mounted to the front of the vehicle too. The rear of this Mahindra Scorpio also remains very true to the original design. It gets a different bumper hat definitely looks stronger and muscular than he stock version. The tailgate remains the same while it now gets a new cladding. The rear also gets a DC moniker from the modification garage.

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 2

DC Design is also very popular for lounge conversions and complete interior recordation. However, it does not looks like that this Mahindra Scorpio has received any such changes. DC North East has made minimal to no changes to the interior of the car. Mahindra is working on a facelift, next-generation Scorpio which is likely to be launched soon. It will be offered in both diesel and petrol variants, however, it’s expected to be much more expensive than the current model.