DC Design’s 5 Hot Car Custom Kits

Snapshot – While it now builds its own vehicles, Indian automaker DC Design started out as a custom car builder. Taking existing designs and adding a bit of flair to them was what DC Design used to previously specialize in. While some designs turned out to be outright ghastly, others came out much better. Car interiors is one area that DC Design is quite strong in. The Indian firm also offers custom kits for specific cars. Here are five such kits that represent the better designs from DC.

DC Ford EcoSport

DC Design Ford EcoSport Custom Front

The hugely popular Ford EcoSport crossover has received the DC treatment, both on the outside as well as on the inside. The outside of the crossover sees the headlamps get replaced by LED daytime running light units while the front grille gets a complete redesign. The headlamps now occupy the front bumper, which is redesigned as well. Matt grey paint rounds off the exterior detailing. On the inside, the 2+3 seating layout is done away with, for a more comfortable 2+2 layout. The interiors are plush and gain a high quality finish. The rear of the front seats gain infotainment options as a part of the entertainment kit on the custom package. The mechanicals of the crossover remain untouched.

DC Renault Duster

DC Design Renault Duster Custom

The Renault Duster is another modern crossover that has gone under DC Design’s knife. Like the EcoSport, the DC Duster gains a matt grey paint job that adds some menace to the vehicle’s visuals. The headlamps get repositioned while the front bumper and grille get a thorough reprofiling. New alloy wheels have also been added to the vehicle. On the inside, the changes are more comprehensive, with the entire interiors getting a once over. The bargain basement plastics on the stock Duster make away for soft touch plastics, elevating the quality of the cabin. The seating is done up with leather, and the 2+3 layout makes way for a 2+2 seating layout. Infotainment options are added for the rear seat passengers even as the mechanicals remain untouched.

DC Toyota Innova Lounge

DC Design Toyota Innova Custom

The Toyota Innova is an epitome of reliability, known for its fuss free performance and comfortable people carrying abilities. DC Design has transformed this MPV’s utilitarian interiors, for a lounge like look and feel. Airline like comfort is the aim of this makeover. The back seats of the MPV now feature 150 degree reclining seats that are appointed luxuriously. An entertainment package is also thrown into the equation. A boat load of creature comforts are added while the exteriors of the MPV also gain a nose job. The front end of the Innova benefits from a grille and bumper job, while alloy wheels and rub strips are new additions on the flanks.

DC Maruti Suzuki Swift

DC Design Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom DC Design Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom Front

India’s most popular B+ segment hatchback gets a mild styling update from DC Design. The kit garishly makes over the stock Swift’s interiors, which is not likely to appeal to folks looking for a classy design. The DC kit for the Swift seems to squarely target an audience whose members have tight budgets. On the outside, both the front and the rear ends of the Swift gain new bumpers. The front also gets a new grille. LED daytime running lights have also been added. All in all, the Swift seems a touch overdone, with an appeal that will be limited to those who prefer loud to the understated.

DC Mahindra XUV500

DC Design Mahindra XUV500 Custom

The Mahindra XUV500 is a vehicle that is already quite well appointed, both in terms of features as well as creature comforts. DC Design’s aim with the kit for this crossover is to make the vehicle stand out. On the outside, the theme is not too dramatic, with the front grille and bumper getting the most attention. On the inside though, the seven seat crossover loses seating for three, but emerges out plusher than ever before. The crossover gets the lounge treatment, a-la-Innova, with the aim being to create a very comfortable space for the well heeled. The mechanicals of Mahindra’s flagship product remain unchanged.

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