DC Design’s 5 Transformational Car Interiors

DC Design’s work with cars is well known. Over the years, the Indian design outfit headed by Dilip Chhabria has delivered a mix of truly outstanding and truly ridiculous designs. The firm also does car interiors and in this department, has scored more hits than misses. Today, let’s take a look at DC Design’s 5 Transformational Car Interiors based on everyday cars that you and me can buy.

DC Renault Duster

DC Design Renault Duster 1

Here’s the stock interior of the Renault Duster.

And here’s what DC Design has done to this compact SUV,

The DC Renault Duster is a comprehensive for one of India’s best selling compact SUVs. DC Design has worked on both the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle. The exteriors are tastefully done with a matte grey finished paint job. A new grille, and revised headlamps and tail lamps.

DC Design Renault Duster 2


On the inside, the cabin gets luxurious and is heads and shoudlers above the stock version of the Duster. DC Design has given the vehicle a four seat layout, with the rear right passenger able to stretch out in airline like comfort. An infotainment system has also been added to the plush leather interiors.

DC Ford Ecosport

DC Design Ford Ecosport 1

Here’s the stock interior of the Ford Ecosport,

And here’s DC Design’s makeover for the crossover,

The Ford Ecosport’s makeover is similar to that of the DC Duster. The DC Design treatment for the Ecosport involves exterior tweaks, making the crossover look more menacing. On the inside, the Ecosport gets a four seat layout, which is more comfortable than the five seat layout of the stock version. As is the case with the Duster, Airline-like comfort is on the cards, with the crossover’s front left seat folding down completely, to make for a flat bed for the passenger. Other modifications include an infotainment system and leather finish for the vehicle’s interiors.

DC Toyota Innova

DC Design Toyota Innova 1

The stock Toyota Innova interior looks like this,

After the DC Design treatment, it gets transformed into this,

The Toyota Innova is one of India’s most comfortable MPVs, especially in the versions that get captain seats DC Design has taken this a notch further by making the Innova an opulent palace on wheels. While the cosmetic modifications on the MPV’s outside might not be to everyone’s liking, the Indian design outfit simply kills it when it comes to the innards. The Innova’s 6 captain seat layout is retained, albeit with a new flavour. The chauffeur driven crowd will simply love the amount of space the Innova’s remodeled interiors now offer, to stretch out or even get work done.

DC Toyota Fortuner

DC Design Toyota Fortuner 1

The stock Toyota Fortuner looks like this from the inside,

After the DC Design makeover, it looks like this,

A common complaint that many buyers of the Toyota Fortuner have is about how the interiors of the luxury SUV is not very different from that of the much lower priced Innova MPV. After the DC Design treatment though, these very people will find no reason to complain. The exteriors of the Fortuner are best left untouched though as DC Design’s work here is more damaging than alluring. On the insides, the Fortuner gets a first class airline treatment as the third row makes way for a pushed back second row. The passengers get additional AC vents, a customized infotainent system and luxurious seats that they can sleep in.

DC Design Mahindra XUV500

DC Design Mahindra XUV500 4

The facelifted XUV500’s interiors are a nice place to be in,

DC Design makes it even better,

The Mahindra XUV500 is another popular crossover whose seven seat layout makes way for four opulent seats, all courtesy DC Design. Though sold as a seven seater by Mahindra, the XUV500 is best used as a five seater. DC Design goes a step further and tweaks the crossover with a four seat layout – all captain seats. This layout ensures acres of space. The cabin is made more luxurious by the addition of leather, whose look and feel can be further customized. A custom rear seat entertainment package is added. On the outside too, DC Design works on the front grille and bumper of the XUV500, and the results are impressive.

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