DC Design’s Mahindra Marazzo wants to be a first-class airplane cabin

DC Design is known for their luxurious lounge conversion of the regular cars. The modification house has done some exquisite jobs in the past and has now officially released the conversion of Mahindra Marazzo into a luxury lounge.

Mahindra officially showcased a few modified examples of the Marazzo at the launch of the MPV but these pictures show how luxurious the vehicle really looks like from the inside.

Mahindra Marazzo lounge

Mahindra Marazzo Dc Design 7

The 7-seater Mahindra Marazzo has been converted into a four-seater now. The last row seats and the second-row seats have been replaced with new lounge seats that can be reclined. The second -row seats also get leg support and will make for an extremely comfortable couch while watching favourite movies on the individual displays. Both the rear seats get separate displays that can play your favourite videos and play songs.  The last row seats have been given extra cushioning and leather wrap.

Mahindra Marazzo Dc Design 6

There is a huge console in the middle that gets can control the recline of the seats among other things like dimming the cabin lights. The Marazzo also gets ambient lighting that can be changed to various different colours.

Mahindra Marazzo Dc Design 3

The central console also gets cup holders. The door trims get the same leather as the seats and get wooden inserts.  The same leather and wood trim can be seen on the steering wheel, centre console and the dashboard. The DC-modified Marazzo also gets a retractable tray that can be used as either food table or laptop holder. Everything in the MPV can be retracted to make more space.

Mahindra Marazzo Dc Design 5

Mahindra or DC Design has not revealed the price of the complete modification. However, looking at the level of equipment and DC’s pricing in the past, it should take around Rs. 6 lakhs for the complete job. Mechanically, the Marazzo remains stock.

Mahindra Marazzo Dc Design 2

It is powered by the all-new 1.5-litre diesel engine that produces a maximum of 119 Bhp and 200 Nm. It only gets a manual transmission as of now but Mahindra will introduce an automatic transmission soon. Mahindra is also expected to launch a petrol-powered variant of the Marazzo in the market by mid-2019.

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