DC Design’s Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom – Images and Details

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a very popular B+ segment hatchback, so popular that every other hatchback in its segment is second best when it comes to the numbers game, sales numbers to be specific. While the car still looks contemporary enough, the sheer numbers of this hatchback on Indian roads guarantee ubiquity. With ubiquity comes monotony and Swift owners lead the segment when it comes to modifications. Why, we even have a story giving modification ideas to such owners. One of India’s leading aftermarket custom houses, DC Design, has stepped it up and launched a Custom Kit for the Swift hatchback.

DC Design’s Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom – Images and Details
DC Design’s ‘Kit Swift’ custom pack for the Maruti Suzuki Swift keeps things minimal as far as stylistic changes are concerned.


Dubbed the Kit Swift, the custom design for the Maruti Suzuki’s best selling B+ segment hatchback is priced at 2.65 lakh rupees, exclusive of taxes. You are also expected to be estranged with your car for about 40-45 days, the time taken by DC Design to finish the custom job. The car customizing outfit offers the Kit Swift to both petrol and diesel engined models. The engine agnostic kit does not make any mechanical changes whatsoever. So, if you’re drive is a petrol or a diesel powered Swift, you get to retain the 1.2 liter K-Series petrol or the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet diesel motors without any changes.

DC Design’s Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom – Images and Details
The DC Design Kit Swift’s Garish white and red interiors are a massive departure from the classy, all-black innards of the stock Swift.

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What will change though are the exteriors and innards of the car. Daytime running LEDs spruce up the front end, which also gains a new profile through the addition of an airdam and a new grille. At the rear, the bumper is a new item and so is the substantial air dam that goes with it. On the inside, a red and white – ready to fight if you will – theme adorns the dashboard, center console and door trims. While the colours do look a little too jazzy, it is well within DC Design’s standards. So, this is pretty much what 2.65 lakh rupees nets you. A little underwhelming you may think. We echo that. And 40-45 days seems like a lifetime for what is essentially a grille, bumper and dashboard job.

Prior to launching the Kit Swift, DC Design has done up the Renault Duster and the Ford EcoSport as well. Click here, and here for images and details on those custom jobs.

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