DC Design’s Toyota Innova MPV is a First Class Lounge on Wheels – Images + Details

The Toyota Innova rides well and is generally a comfortable place to be in, especially if you have captain seats all around. This is a reason why the MPV operates in India’s “luxury taxi” segment, and commands premium rental pricing. Then there is Toyota’s legendary reliability and that 2.5 liter D-4D turbo diesel engine that is well, nigh indestructible. But Toyota seems determined to make the Innova uglier and uglier, with each passing refresh. DC Design, a custom house operating out of India, has given the Innova a big makeover, inside out, and this is one of the designs from DC that actually looks good.

DC Design’s Toyota Innova MPV is a First Class Lounge on Wheels – Images + Details

Dubbed the Innova Lounge First, the entire MPV sees its Toyota-built interiors thrown out, for stuff that would make first class seats on an airline proud. The Innova kitted out thus, will set you back by 7.86 lakh rupees, taxes inclusive but excluding the donor vehicle, which can be an Innova of any vintage. Add 50,000 rupees for an exterior mod job. DC Design will keep your ride with them for about two months, before returning it with their custom lounge treatment. Along the way, the front end of the MPV will be heavily revised with new bumpers, a generous helping of chrome and air dams. A body kit and revised alloy wheels will complete the styling package.

So, what do you get for 8 odd lakh rupees?

  • 24 inch captain seats with 150 degree recline
  • Ingress and egress enablers
  • Airliner style roof center module with ambient and reading lights
  • Privacy partition with integrated audio/video
  •  Fold out tables with sliding top and glass holders
  • Glass holder in partition
  • Cup holders
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Laptop connectivity
  • Door panels with proprietary switch panel
  • Quarter panels
  • 20 inch LCD TV
  • DVD player, component speakers
  • Intercom
  • 7 ltr Chiller
  • Charging points
  • Inverter

DC Design, in general, keeps the engines and transmissions of vehicles that it customizes untouched. A similar approach will be taken for the Innova Lounge First MPV Custom as well, with either the 2 liter petrol or the 2.5 liter turbo diesel engines, continuing to do duty unmolested. The five speed transmission and the rear wheel layout will also be retained. After the lounge treatment, the 7/8 seat Innova will become a four seater, losing luggage space too. Win some, lose some. Further customization in terms of interior features and electricals is possible. For more details, your nearest DC Design dealer is who you need to get in touch with.

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