DC Gaia – photo gallery!

Dilip Chhabria is a designer who evokes strong reactions – either you like his creations, or you don’t!

The DC Gaia, visually, gives no clue at all about its underpinnings. It is long, sleek and elegant – there are no heavy lines when you look at it front-on and sideways. There is a bit of heaviness at the back which the car could have done without. But overall, this is one of the most cohesive designs from the designer.

This is what DC’s site has to say about the Gaia.

It’s hard for any luxury car to match up with the DC Gaia. This previous Mitsubishi Lancer is sure to sweep you off the feet with its drop-dead gorgeous looks.

The design is unique, exhibiting a long hood with the front mimicking a lowered pick-up. The sides are controlled by massive wheels while the rear facade looks equally dazzling. The twin-exhaust only add to the already elegant appearance of the car.

To amplify the looks of the car it has been extended by 13 inches and height by seven inches. This car was made for a very select few individuals and hence every vehicle is set different from the other.

With a top speed of 240km/h and 215bhp of sheer power, this car has sure set some pulses running. The interiors are very distinct to the outer design as it has a sporty touch to it.

All pics courtesy DC Design