DC Modified Mahindra Marazzo almost CHEAPER than base trim of Toyota Innova Crysta: Check it out!

A few days back, we informed you on Mahindra officially selling the DC Design Marazzo in the market. However, till now all the DC Design Marazzo spotted and listed were based on the top-end version. For the first time, the DC Design Marazzo based on the base M2 variant has been spotted and it can be seen on the video by AutoTrend TV. The best part? The whole package costs less than the top-end variant of the Marazzo, which gets a lower number of features.

The video shows the Mahindra Marazzo M2 modified by DC Design, which is a first. From the outside, the vehicle looks like any other Mahindra Marazzo and it does not even get a chrome grille at the front or alloy wheels. However, the real changes are on the inside. DC Design has extensively modified the vehicle to make it even more premium than the top-end version of the Mahindra Marazzo! The price? Well, the DC Design package costs Rs 5 lakh, while the base version of the Mahindra Marazzo is priced at Rs 10 lakh, ex-showroom and with the DC Design package, the ex-showroom cost will come out to be Rs 15 lakh. The top-end Mahindra Marazzo, which is the M8 variant is priced at Rs 14.98 lakh, which is almost the same price.

It is the cabin of the vehicle that gets most of the changes. To start with, the basic Marazzo M2 variant does not even get an infotainment seat or leather-wrapped seats. This DC Design modified example gets it all. The dashboard of the vehicle is now all wooden and leather cover with a chrome stripe running across it. There is also a touchscreen infotainment system placed in the middle. Even the door trims have been updated with dark brown leather that matches the seats. The steering wheel now looks much more premium with wooden work and leather cover in the middle. The infotainment system gets USB input and the socket for that is placed in the glove box.

DC Modified Mahindra Marazzo almost CHEAPER than base trim of Toyota Innova Crysta: Check it out!

The vehicle also gets electrically powered seats at the front and the rear. There are buttons neatly placed just ahead of the cup holders that can be used to control the positioning of the seats. Even the central console around the gear lever gets the wooden insert that makes it look very premium.

All the rear seats of the vehicle have been replaced with new lounge seats while the last row seats have been wrapped in brown leather. The middle row, which offers seating capacity for three is now only good for two people. However, there is a control pad in the middle that can be used for set-up the 3-Zone ambient lighting, seat positioning and other features in the vehicle. A tray is neatly positioned behind the console that can be pulled out for use. Also, there are separate 12V charging sockets for the middle row passengers. The lounge seats of the second row are extremely plush and they also come with an electronic leg rests that are again leather-wrapped. From the console, the front seats can be controlled to gain extra legroom. Also, there is additional lumbar support that again opens up on a push of a button. There are two separate screens for the rear seat passengers that can play videos on the move. DC Design has even updated headliner of the vehicle with new soft-touch material. That’s not all, it also gets a small fridge to keep your drinks cool on the move.