DC Modified Mahindra Marazzo far SUPERIOR than 1.5 Cr Audi A8: Dilip Chhabria [Video]

Mahindra Marazzo, the all-new MPV, which was launched in the Indian market last year has become quite popular in the market. The Marazzo gets a good number on the sales chart every month and takes on the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in the Indian market. At the time of the launch, Mahindra showcased a heavily modified version of the Marazzo and it attracted a lot of attention. DC Designs, one of the popular design houses in India did the job on the Marazzo. Now, Dilip Chhabria, the chief of DC Design has come on camera to say that their modified version of the Marazzo is far more superior than an Audi A8, which is the flagship sedan of the German brand is priced at around Rs 1.5 crore, on-road. Dilip Chhabria also talks about the thought process that went behind the transformation of the Marazzo into a good looking lounge vehicle.

As per Dilip Chhabria, the idea behind the transformation of the Marazzo was from the very same question. Can a Rs 20-25 lakh car recreate the same the comfort and ambience for a Rs 4-5 crore car? Also, he says that this kind of transformation is targeted at people like him, who are experienced businessmen in their old age and who do daily commute through thick traffic and also go on long distance trips. Dilip Chhabria said he chose the Marazzo after meeting Dr Pawan Goenka before the launch of the vehicle in the public.

Leather, chrome and wooden finishes were three main ingredients that went into sculpting the interior of the car. He added that the Marazzo is far superior in terms of convenience, electronics and space. The interior of the Marazzo was developed in just five weeks and a team of about 25 people worked on it in 12-hour shifts to complete the vehicle.

DC Modified Mahindra Marazzo far SUPERIOR than 1.5 Cr Audi A8: Dilip Chhabria [Video]

The Mahindra Marazzo designed by DC received some extremely high-end modifications and equipment. The aftermarket lounge seats in the rear are electronically adjustable and the occupants can even get their own footrests that are placed under the seats. There is also a 7-litre refrigerator integrated quite well to the interior. The rear passengers get two large capacitive touchscreens that that get features Android TV, iPad/iPod housing and a foldable neck pillow that can be very comfortable when the travelling over long distances.

The whole vehicle gets beautiful ambient lighting and the rear passengers get individual 12V socket that can be used to charge the phones and other devices. It should be noted that the third-row seating is still in place but it now gets wrapped in the leather. DC Design or Mahindra have not revealed the cost of modification but the cost of such modifications can run into lakhs. The top-end Marazzo is priced at Rs 14 lakh and final cost after all the modifications from DC Design could be around Rs 20-25 lakhs.

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