What the new Mahindra Thar modified by DC Design looks like on the road [Video]

DC Designs or DC2 is a very popular name in the vehicle modification or customisation industry. They have done several customisation works both outside and inside various cars. They are popular for designing the cabins of Innova and Innova Crysta. DC converts the rear cabin in Innova into a luxurious lounge. When it comes to exterior modifications, DC has not always been the best. They have modified several cars and SUVs in the past that look very odd on the road. When Mahindra launched the all-new Thar, they modified that as well. DC2’s version of Thar is known as the Hulk and here we have a video that shows how this customised Thar looks on road.

The video has been uploaded by CS 12 VLOGS on their YouTube channel. The video shows a black DC2 customised Mahindra Thar. DC2 has made several changes to the SUV and it now looks a lot more bulkier than the regular Thar. It is modified in such a way that many on the road might not even recognise the SUV as a Thar. The front fascia has been completely customised. The stock grille, signature round headlamps and vertical grille has been replaced.

It now gets a wide open grille at the front with subtle looking vertical slats in it. The headlamps are moved to the extreme left and right and they are now in rectangular shape. The lights are LED units. The lights are wrapped around the plastic cladding that is extended from the redesigned fender. The front bumper on this version of Thar has also been customised.

Other than this, the bonnet on this Mahindra Thar also gets modifications. A bonnet scoop can be seen here. The SUV looks a lot more wider due to the redesigned fenders and the stock wheels have been replaced for aftermarket wheels and wider tyres. There are side steps in this Mahindra Thar which is actually designed in a way that it looks like an extension from the fender.

What the new Mahindra Thar modified by DC Design looks like on the road [Video]

The rear fender is also revised. The Mahindra Thar continues to retain the hard top. This version does not get roof mounted marker lamps. The ORVMs have also been replaced. Coming to the rear, the design of the SUV remains the same. DC2 has only made minor changes to the car. It gets a redesigned tail lamp and a revised bumper. DC2 normally does customises the cabin as well.

In this video, the interior of this Thar are not clearly visible. However, DC2 Hulk gets customised interiors that give it a premium look than normal. The stock seats are replaced with bucket seats, DC adds armrests and cup holders, premium upholstery on the seats, door pads and dashboard and so on. The Mahindra Thar or DC2 Hulk looks imposing but, is it the best looking Mahindra Thar, we doubt. The new-gen Mahindra Thar quickly became popular among buyers. It is available with both petrol and diesel engine option. Both the engines are offered with manual and automatic as an option.