DC plans to sell 2,000 Avanti cars by 2016!

Ace car customizer Dilip Chhabria plans to sell 2,000 units of the DC Design custom, Avanti mode by 2016. The Avanti was launched in January this year with a 2.0 litre Ford EcoBoost engine.

The DC Avanti will be manufactured at DC’s upcoming facility in Talegaon in Maharashtra, which will be equipped to dole out 2,000 units per annum.

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DC plans to sell 2,000 Avanti cars by 2016!

“At present engineering and tooling work on the car is on, and we plan to start manufacturing by August next year. The first car will be delivered by December 2013, and by March 2014 we will make deliveries of 300 cars”, Chhabria told BSMotoring.

The Avanti costs Rs.30 lakh and once the facility starts production in full swing by 2014-2015 the deliveries will also be sped up.

“It is a unique positioning at that price point, and a lot of young buyers of the age group 28-30 years are emerging as buyers. Several of them are airline pilots and the DC Avanti has generated interest among customers from Sikkim to Ghaziabad”, he adds.

DC plans to sell 2,000 Avanti cars by 2016!

Chhabria claims that he has received requests for a franchise from overseas as well but will not be selling the vehicle internationally any time soon due to homologation issues. DC Design is however planning to pull up its socks nationally by opening 16 new dealerships within the next 3 months. DC will offer regular car customization apart from putting up the Avanti on sale at these dealerships.