DC2 (DC Design) will build you this Hindustan Ambassador, if you really want it!


DC Design, which has resurrected as DC2 recently is known for their outrageous car designs in India. DC Design is one of the oldest design houses in India and they have worked on almost all the Indian cars and a few imported vehicles too. DC2 have something really interesting that might catch your attention. Based on the Hindustan Ambassador, these are the rendering images of the Ambassador EV and we certainly would love to see them, in reality, one day!

Ambassador Ev 3

This is an Ambassador EV is a concept vehicle that has been rendered digitally. With the growing number of electric vehicles in India and around the world, we would not mind this amalgamation of the retro design with the modern equipment underneath. In fact, we already have the electrified version of the classic Ambassador in India. This one, however, is something that looks very futuristic.

The Hindustan Ambassador is one of the first made-in-India cars. The rear-wheel-driven sedan also lived a long life and was in production for decades before the modern cars replaced it from the market. During its lifetime, the Ambassador became an iconic car and a status symbol in India. Everyone from politicians to renowned actors had an Ambassador at their disposal.

Ambassador Ev 1

This new Ambassador EV concept traces the same design lines of the original Ambassador and offers the iconic silhouette in a modern way. The car gets a massive grille in the front with LED headlamps. It is a two-door concept but in production form, we are sure that two more doors can be added for improved ingress. The multi-spoke steel rims and the chrome lines along the window frames add to the classy touch. The rear gets huge LED tail lamps. There is nothing complex about this design. It is simple, yet powerful. That’s something the original Ambassador offered in the Indian market. The powertrain is not known but it will be an all-electric unit with ample range to take you across the town and maybe on outstation drives too.

Can you buy it?

Ambassador Ev 2

We spoke with DC2 and they revealed that it is currently in the concept stage and there are no plans to manufacture it. However, just like any other concept vehicles, they added that if there is enough demand for the car and people show enough interest, it may just become a reality. However, given the design of the vehicle and all-electric powertrain, the production version may not be as affordable. Electric cars are quite expensive because of the complex mechanicals and batteries involved. However, we do hope that the EV sector makes progress in the near future to bring down the prices of the batteries and allow more people to buy electric cars including this one! Until then, this is something that every one of us can admire in the pictures!