DC2 iLounge based on Toyota Fortuner looks premium [Video]

DC2 is currently one of the most recognisable names in the car customisation industry. They are known to make custom interiors for cars. DC Lounge which is very popular among Innova owners is what grabbed the attention of public first. However, the custom house has done similar type of interior customisation for many vehicles other than Innova. They have also customised exterior of several cars and SUVs but, they do not turn out always good. It looks like DC2 has a new range interior customisations which they call iLounge. Here we have a video of DC customised Toyota Fortuner with their iLounge customisation.

The video has been uploaded by DC2 Dilip Chhabria on their YouTube channel. As mentioned above, this customisation work is based on Toyota Fortuner facelift. It can be done of both Fortuner and Legender variants. Just like what the name suggests, the interior of the Toyota Fortuner has been neatly converted into a premium lounge. The cabin has been completely transformed for this purpose. Toyota Fortuner is a 7-seater SUV but as part of this conversion, the second and third row seats have been removed.

The seats are replaced with recliners that can be adjusted electrically. It has an airline like headrest to provide utmost comfort to the occupants. The rear cabin can only accommodate 2 people. The controls for the lights and the seats are placed on the armrest of the recliners. The colour theme of the cabin is beige and it gives a premium look. The windows have electric shades and the seats are wrapped in perforated leather. The seats themselves come with ventilation and heated feature. There are chrome accents on the doors and the armrests to add a premium look to the cabin.

DC2 iLounge based on Toyota Fortuner looks premium [Video]

There is a tray table and also has a large television placed on the partition between the driver’s cabin and second row. It is completely closed and there is an intercom placed in the cabin for communication with the driver. There is a wireless charger for phones placed on the door pads and it comes with a mini refrigerator and storage space for wine flutes. The AC vents are placed on the pillars and there are ambient lights installed on the roof and pillars all along. The door pad iteslef has been customised and comes with a storage space.

The cabin looks extremely spacious and even with so many equipment in it, the cabin does not feel cramped. The main reason behind that is because, DC2 made some chages to the roof of this Fortuner. They lifted or expanded the roof by 75 mm to create more space and make room for lights and other settings. Other than this, no other structural changes have been done to the Fortuner. There are multiple charging ports and also the speaker system has been upgraded. The video does not show the exterior of the SUV and it looks like the SUV remains mostly stock. The cabin looks extremely premium and we hope see more of such customisations on other vehicles in future.