DC2’s Ambassador Electric CONFIRMED for India launch: Details

The Hindustan Ambassador was one of the most iconic sedans ever sold in the country. It was in production for almost six decades and is considered one of the car that started automobile culture in our country post-independence. The Ambassador brand name has now been purchased by Peugeot and the car is likely to make a comeback in future. Meanwhile, Indian car designer firm DC2 which was formerly known as DC designs is now planning to launch a fully electric version of Ambassador sedan and will be known as e-Amby. The digital render of this electric version has already been revealed and now the brand has confirmed that they will be building it from scratch, and launching it in India.

Ambassador Ev 3

It will be the second all-new car from the manufacturer that they will be building after the DC Avanti, which was known as India’s very own sportscar. This is not the first time that DC has done something with Ambassador. In the past, they had unveiled Phoenix concept which was based on Ambassador 1800 ISZ. Next came the Amberoid which was much more futuristic looking concept and had features like gull-wing doors. DC2 wants the upcoming e-Amby to retain basic essence of Ambassador and have advanced features as well.

Just like Amberoid concept, the upcoming e-Amby will also have gullwing doors. The whole car will have rounded edges, bonnet bulges and other character lines. It is a Rs 120 cr project and DC2 designs have worked for almost 18-20 months on this car. The final prototype does remind of Ambassador from certain angles but is still different from it. Electric version of the Ambassador is 200 mm longer, 100 mm wider and 50 mm taller than the regular Ambassador.

Ambassador Ev 2

While the exact specifications of e-Amby is not revealed, DC confirms that the car will be powered by a 160 kWh battery pack which will have a driving range of approximately 190-200 km when fully charged. The batteries would take 5-6 hours to charge fully and it will not support fast charging. Electric cars are known for their instant acceleration and in this department e-Amby will not disappoint. DC claims that e-Amby can do 0-100 kmph sprint in 4-5.5 seconds.

The powertrain is being sourced by Turnkey Integrators from Switzerland whereas, battery and some other components will be sourced from China. The electric motor will be from Germany. The e-Amby is expected to have 45 percent localisation and the company aims to sell this car to customers in countries like USA, UK and other Middle Eastern countries along with Singapore and  Malaysia apart from India.

Ambassador Ev 1

The production version of e-Amby will be reaching the market by 2022 and it will be sold via DC design showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The brand is also planning to set up support operations in Southern part of India. DC2 designs will also be tying up with govt. agencies and oil companies to set up charging stations. The e-Amby is expected to be priced around Rs 40-45 lakh, ex-showroom.

Via Overdrive