DC2’s wildly modified bus is a luxury showroom on wheels [Video]

dc2 gm bus showroom on wheels

Over the years, DC Design Studio has produced several attention-grabbing modifications based on Indian vehicles. While some have impressed us, others have left us wishing they were never designed in the first place. The latest offering from DC Design Studio, called the “luxury showroom on wheels,” falls into the former category and is one of the most impressive concepts we’ve seen in recent times.

The customized luxury showroom on wheels created by DC Design Studio is based on a regular bus for GM Modular, a company known for producing switches, fans, and other small electrical items. The bus has been designed as a portable luxury showroom for the company, allowing them to showcase their products at various locations.

The design of the GM luxury showroom on wheels is extremely radical and much more extreme than any contemporary buses sold in India. The front features a sloping, wraparound-styled windscreen with slim, trapezoidal clusters for the all-LED headlamps. The lower half of the front profile has a wraparound grille with horizontal slats.

DC2’s wildly modified bus is a luxury showroom on wheels [Video]

The heavily-customized bus has no window panels on the side profile, which is finished in a grey theme. There are bulging contours over the front and rear wheel arches, and the roof has a wraparound glass panel that stretches to the rear on either side. The front edges of the roof come mounted with huge electronically controlled and adjustable rearview mirrors. The rear profile of this bus has a rectangular windscreen fixed in a slanted housing, which has vertical triangular LED tail lamps on its sides.

DC Design Studio has done a commendable job executing the interior of this bus, which looks nothing short of a luxury caravan with top-notch features. The cabin has a lounge with couches and various shelves to display GM Modular’s products. The interior also features AC panels, a coffee machine, a television, and other amenities, putting even some luxury vehicles to shame with its premium appeal.

DC Design Studio has not revealed the details of the bus on which it is based, nor has it revealed the pricing of the entire modification process and kit. However, such vanity vans can cost a lot of money. In most cases, mod garages build such vanity vans on truck chassis. But DC Design or the owner of the his vanity van has not revealed the exact details.