Delhi cop, friend get into a road rage incident & shoot man: ARRESTED [Video]

A Delhi Police constable Surinder (attached to the Jahangirpuri police station) and his friend Rajesh – a bus driver – were arrested, after they got into a road rage incident with a man called Laxman Bhandari. The shooting incident was caught on video, and has since gone viral. Here, take a look.

What’s happening here?

The Delhi Police constable and his friend (the bus driver) were returning home in a Hyundai Santro Xing, when they spotted a motorcycle lying in the middle of the road. The constable and his friend reportedly ask for the motorcycle to be removed from their path, and this leads to an altercation in which the bus driver whips out the Delhi Police constable’s service pistol and fires at Laxman Bhandari, who sustains a bullet wound in his abdomen. Mr. Bhandari was immediately shifted to a nearby hospital where he is said to be recuperating. Both the bus driver (Rajesh) and the Delhi Police constable (Surinder) have been arrested.

Here’s what a senior police official had to tell the IndianExpress,

We identified the constable with the help of CCTV footage in the area. He and Rajesh were returning home in a Santro car after their duty when they saw two bike-borne men blocking the road. There was another bike lying on the road. Surender and Rajesh told the men to move the bike from the road and clear the area. The men got into a heated argument and called their friends. Both parties hit each other. Rajesh then took the service pistol and fired at a man named Lakshman. He also threatened the other man. 

Delhi cop, friend get into a road rage incident & shoot man: ARRESTED [Video]

Road rage can get out hand real quick…

Road rage is something that can strike anytime, and can escalate real quick. It’s critical to have a cool head while driving/riding anywhere, more so on chaotic Indian roads. Here are some tips to ensure that you don’t get into a road rage incident.


Driving should be a relaxing experience. Try to stay as relaxed as possible. Switch on the music, air conditioner to help you relax, breathe deep and take it easy. Just try to be in a good mood when on the road.

Drive defensively

Stay within the speed limit, signal at the appropriate times while changing lanes, use your rear view mirrors and give enough allowance for others mistakes or aggressive behaviour.


In other words, try to be as polite as possible. At a roundabout, drivers coming from the right have right of way. Slow down and let them pass. If you see a car that is already about half a car’s length ahead of you signalling to cut into your lane, ease up and let it enter the lane instead of closing the gap.

Act, don’t react

Still, despite your best attempts at a smooth drive, there can be others who are overly aggressive. Symptoms of such aggressive drivers include excessive honking, tailgating, gesticulating and swearing, weaving between lanes or straddling lanes, and speeding up suddenly and braking sharply. The best thing to do in such situations is to just let such crazy drivers go and hope karma catches up with them – it’s not worth your time and blood pressure trying to teach them a lesson or challenge them. Divert your mind, think of your friends and family perhaps to quickly calm your nerves.

Be quick to apologise, and smile

If you inadvertently cut someone off or bump into them accidentally, keep your calm about you. The first thing to do is to smile and apologise. This can prevent a situation from escalating into a full-blown confrontation. If the other driver is being overly aggressive, it would require a tremendous amount of self-control to not react. Offer to help or reach an amicable decision. But if the other person refuses to back down, the only way out is to call the police and let them deal with it.


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