Delhi cops break woman’s helmet: Here’s why [Video]

India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world. But it is also one of the most dangerous countries when it comes to road safety and thousands of fatal deaths happen every year throughout the country. Most of these fatal deaths happen on two-wheelers. A helmet is a necessary and critical for the safety of the two-wheeler users and almost all the states and major cities have a rule that states any rider on two-wheeler has to wear a helmet. Recently, the government also laid standards of the helmet quality and said that only “ISI” mark helmets are allowed. Here is a video of Delhi Police, which shows how dangerous low-quality helmets can be.

Delhi Polices rips the helmet apart

During the regular checking of the traffic, a Delhi Police constable can be seen stopping a scooter waiting at a traffic signal and taking the helmet of the woman pillion rider. He then takes the helmet and shows how fragile it is by ripping it apart with his bare hands. The police constable was trying to explain why low-quality helmets are not safe and how they can break upon impact and cause more damage to the user.

The Delhi Police constable then gave an ISI marked open face helmet to the woman and asked them to use only good quality and approved products. They also did not issue a fine to the woman and gifted the helmet free of cost as a safety gesture.

Later in the video, Rambir Sangwan of Delhi Traffic Police demonstrates how a helmet should be properly strapped to the head. He uses different helmets to demonstrate the wrong styles of wearing a helmet and asked the viewers to only use ISI marked helmets.

He later also says that if the riders are not wearing ISI marked helmets, they will be considered as helmetless. He also mentions if the helmet is not strapped properly or the strap is open, it will be considered as “without a helmet’. However, he did not mention if the police can issue fine to such people.

Delhi cops break woman’s helmet: Here’s why [Video]

Making the riders wear a helmet is a major problem in India. Recently, the residents of Pune city strongly opposed the mandatory helmet rule in the city and even held large helmet-less motorcycle rallies to oppose the new rule. According to the residents, the helmet should not be mandatory for the people riding inside the city limits as the speed never crosses 20-30 km/h. Many also came with problems like hair fall and nausea when they wear a helmet.

Not wearing a helmet is extremely dangerous even when riding at slow speeds. During an accident even at slow speed, the helmet saves the head from any grave injuries. There have been many cases in the past when the riders got involved in slow speed accidents and were left badly injured. Any rider should always be properly geared whenever riding a two-wheeler. Basic safety gear consists of a helmet, gloves and covered shoes.