Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate

People often bid on unique number plates or even pay hefty amount to get some interesting combination. Here, we have a story of a girl that belongs to Delhi. The RTO has provided her a number plate that starts with “DL 3S EX”. The neighbours of the girl are mocking her because of the number plate, she says, and making rude comments about the number plate.

Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate

The neighbourhood aunties are calling her shameless and she is being bullied. The number plate was provided by the Sarai Kale Khan Regional Transport Office. Her father who bought the scooty as a gift for her daughter has also requested the dealership to change the number but the dealer denied the request and said that many other people have received the same series of the number plate and his daughter is “not the queen of the world.”

DailyO reported that the girl is a fashion designing student and she has to travel to Noida from Janakpuri. Because of long travelling time and rush in Delhi Metro, the girl requested her father to buy her a scooty. On this Diwali, father bought the scooty as a gift to her. As mentioned above, the father has already requested the dealership, but the dealership has nothing to do with the number assigned to the scooty.

Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate
Another motorcycle with the same series of number plates

RTO follows a pattern

A number plate follows a particular pattern. The first two alphabets says “DL”. This stands for Delhi. Followed by the number “3” denotes the district. Then there is “S” which represents two-wheelers. Then the two letters are “EX” which is currently the series that is being followed by RTO. So, the number plate says DL 3S EX. This number plate series would continue till RTO runs out of EX series.

Fancy number plates

Many people want to have a unique number plate for their vehicles as they make them stand out. In India, we cannot customize the number plate as per our choice but often RTO puts registration plates with unique numbers for auction. Here, are few number plates that cost as much as a new vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner with 007 plate

Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate

Ashik Patel is an owner of a Toyota Fortuner. Ashik is a big fan of James Bond. When he bought the new Fortuner, he wanted to get a “007” number plate because of James Bond. He paid more than Rs. 34 lakhs for the 007 number plate whereas the starting price of Fortuner itself is Rs. 30.73 lakhs ex-showroom.

Porsche 718 Boxter with 1 plate

Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate

Porsche’s are already expensive sports car. Here, we have K.S. Balagopal from Kerala who owns the number plate KL 01 CK 0001. He has spelt out the number plate on his Boxter as KL 01 CK 1. Mr Balagopal paid Rs. 30 lakhs for the number plate and Rs. 90 lakhs for the Boxter.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 with 0001 plate

Delhi Girl unable to ride scooty because of ‘SEX’ number plate

Mr. Jagjit Singh won the number plate “CH 01 AN 0001″ at an auction. The number plate resides on his Toyota Land Cruiser. The SUV itself is finished in black and already has a lot of road presence. If you would look closely, the last number “1” is slightly larger than other numbers and alphabets in the number plate.


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