Delhi Govt. announces discounts of upto Rs 3.02 lakh on Tata Nexon & Tigor EVs

Tata Motors is currently one of the manufacturer who is doing well in the electric vehicle space. They have cars such as Tigor EV and Nexon EV in their electric car fleet. Tata Nexon EV is actually the most popular electric SUV in the country and competes with SUVs like MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona EV. Tata has also priced the Nexon EV quite competitively and is currently the most affordable electric SUV one can buy in India. This new SUV has now become a lot more affordable as Delhi Govt. has announced incentives for a range of electric vehicles.

Delhi Govt. announces discounts of upto Rs 3.02 lakh on Tata Nexon & Tigor EVs

This new incentive scheme is part of a new campaign that was announced by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal. The campaign is known as ‘Switch Delhi’ and is aimed at promoting the use of more electric vehicles in the country. Electric versions of both Tata Nexon and Tigor are actually offered with a discount or an incentive. We’ll start with the Nexon EV first.  It is available in three variants. There is XM, XZ+ and XZ+ Lux trim. Prices for these version go like Rs 13.99 lakh, Rs 14.99 lakh and Rs 15.99 lakh respectively. This is a lot more cheaper than any other SUV in the segment and that along with a decent driving range is actually the reason behind Nexon EVs success.

Delhi Govt. announces discounts of upto Rs 3.02 lakh on Tata Nexon & Tigor EVs

In order to popularise electric SUVs more, Delhi govt is offering a purchase discount of Rs 1.50 lakh on both XM and XZ+ variants. Other than that, they are also offering incentives in the form of Road Tax exemption and Registration fee exemption. Road tax and registration fee on the XM variant of Nexon EV is Rs 1,40,500 whereas on the XZ+ trim, it is Rs 1,49,900. What this means, is that the total amount of discount available on Nexon EV is easily over 3 lakh. This makes Nexon EV even more affordable for the buyers.

Just like Nexon EV, Delhi Govt. is also offering discount on Tata Tigor EV. It is currently offered with a maximum discount of upto Rs 2.86 lakh. The amount that is being provided as the discount will be directly provided to the bank account of the customer. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had also announced that the government will only hire electric vehicles for various purposes in the next six weeks. The minister has also got in touch with delivery chains, big companies, RWAs, market associations, malls and movie theatres to promote electric vehicles and install charging stations at their premises.

Delhi Govt. announces discounts of upto Rs 3.02 lakh on Tata Nexon & Tigor EVs

Speaking about this new campaign, Arvind Kejriwal said, “In ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign, awareness will be created about benefits of electric vehicles and how it can contribute to making Delhi clean and pollution-free. I appeal to people to take part in the campaign to promote replacement of polluting petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles and make contribution towards a pollution-free Delhi.”

Tata Nexon EV SUV is powered by Ziptron technology that uses a 30.2 KwH high capacity lithium-ion battery. The car generates a maximum of 129 Ps and 245 Nm of peak torque. It has an ARAI certified driving range of 312 kms. Tata has also started offering subscription program for its customers in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. This was also meant to make EV more accessible to customers as one can choose to subscribe the vehicle for 18,24 or 36 months by paying an all-inclusive fixed monthly rental.

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