Delhi man lies on road for 12 hours after accident, people steal phone and cash.

Delhi is known as ‘Dilwalo ka shehar’ (a city with people having a large heart). However, the city did the exact opposite of that. The city has been known to lack empathy towards other road users and the same was displayed yet again.


Delhi man lies on road for 12 hours after accident, people steal phone and cash.

A 35 year old, Narender Kumar was left fighting for his life when an unidentified vehicle, which was speeding hit him at around 5 pm near Kashmere Gate bus terminal. After being hit, he was flung onto the footpath where he was lying for over 12 hours, before anyone helped him.

Many people came, saw him lying, took his money (Rs 12), his bag and stole his mobile phone, however no one decided to help him. Due to his injuries, he was unable to move and thus it left him stranded in that position. It was only after one alert passerby realized what had happened did he call the cops. The PCR then arrived and he was then shifted to Sushruta Trauma Center after which he was referred to Safdurjung Hospital. Luckily, Narender survived, but was left with injuries to his spine, legs and neck.

The police have registered a case against the driver of the vehicle for rash and negligent driving and causing hurt. There is no lead on the identity of the suspects just yet though.

While such incidents where people don’t help accident victims are common, it is very shocking to think that a person was lying on the road for over 12 hours and instead of people helping him or taking him to the hospital, they decided to steal his belongings.

While there is no good samaritan law in the country currently, the center did introduce guidelines to protect people who were take injured to the hospital. If any information is needed, the witness isn’t to be harassed. However, that hasn’t changed the ground reality from the looks of it.

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